15 hour bus ride trip experience from Krabi to Bangkok Mo Chit


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Early December 2023, I took long distance bus from Krabi province to Bangkok so I would like to share my experience here for your guide.

Purchasing 999 Transport ticket online

I purchased bus ticket at the night, one day before my travel date since bus terminal is a bit far, 4km away from Krabi town area where I stayed. At the time I bought the ticket, 50% are still available to reserve.  Since bus seats are fully booked on the trip day, I advise you to get bus ticket in advance online through below official page.


Transport Co. is running 2 daily bus trip from Krabi to Bangkok (Southern bus terminal and Mo chit)

  • 16:00 – 5:00 (next day) 700 THB
  • 17:00 – 5:30 (next day) 675 THB

There was no fee for online booking by credit card. I just paid 700 THB ticket price only.

How to go to Krabi bus terminal

As mentioned, Krabi bus terminal is located 4km away from Krabi town, city center. This time, I just walked along route 411 (Uttarakit road) for about one hour. For those who wants to save energy and time, please take Songeaw running on route 411. Cost is just 20 THB.

Songteaw is running a lot on route 411.

On the way, I dropped by at Super Cheap Supermarket to buy some food. The name of shop is true, I checked some price tag and they offer very cheap price compared to other supermarkets.

My favorite canned coffee is 16 THB only against normal price 17 THB… wow I never saw other shops sell at this price.

Shop inside is actually bigger than it looked. It seems they have also wholesale function.

When you see Lotus’s supermarket, it is time to drop off from Songteaw to enter bus terminal area.

Krabi bus terminal

From the entrance gate, you need to walk a bit to terminal building. Be careful of cars and buses passing on the way.

Krabi bus terminal building.

First I went to 999 Transport company office to get paper ticket. I prepared PDF purchase data but staff just asked my name only then gave me ticket.

Bus operation schedule as of Dec 2023.

Bus ticket also can be used as meal coupon on the way so keep it well.

Ignite bus tour is another bus company operates Bangkok route from Krabi.

Minivan and bus operation information to nearby provinces.

Bus to Ao Nang beach is 60 THB.

Minivan to Phuket.

Waiting area in bus terminal.

Food stalls.

Of course toilet is not free in bus terminal in Thailand, costs 3 THB. Normally long distance bus has toilet inside so you better wait for bus coming.

Bus arrived 15 minutes before departure time.

Departing 16:00, yes this is the one I take.

Boarding process

Showing ticket to bus staff one by one for verification. One baggage can be stored inside bus.

Bus seating is 2-2 standard, air-conditioned type.

Enough leg space and foot rest for relaxing legs.

Unfortunately AC plug was not working during whole trip time… Don’t expect too much service from 999 Transport company heheh.

Check your seat number at the back of each seat.

Boarding to bus on process.

Toilet at the back of bus. When booking bus seats, avoid back seats as much as possible. You will be disturbed with people passing to the toilet and its smell.

Clean toilet with paper prepared.

Finishing toilet, I came back to my seat and wait for departure.

Departure to Bangkok

Bus departed from Krabi bus terminal 2 minutes before scheduled departure time. It seemed all booking passengers on board already. Around 70% full at the moment.

Whole wheat bread 19THB only from Super cheap store.

1.5L water only 6.5 THB from Super cheap store, 55.

Bus goes to east, passing Krabi airport on the way for another pick up point.

Blanket and snacks set was distributed to all.

Picking up box to deliver to Bangkok on the way.

Bus stopped Khlong Thom area next then picked up some passengers to almost full inside bus now. Seat next to me was occupied by a woman from here.

During bus trip, mostly I just sleep, sleep and sleep with disruption every several hours, 555.

At 10:24 pm, we stopped at huge service area at Chumphon province for diner break 30 minutes.

Dinner break at Chumphon

Free toilets.

Local souvenirs for trip memory.

Bus ticket can be exchanged to one meal plate at canteen area. I just followed how Other Thai people do to order meals.

Rest time for a while.

I chose noodle and rice carb mixed plate. Thais also got soup bowls so I should have ordered as well.

Walking around souvenir corner. Don’t get far from bus parking space not to miss trip! Bus will not wait for you, so you better finish dinner quickly then stay around bus.

10:53pm everyone came back to bus for ready to move for Bangkok.

Southern Bus terminal

On following day at 6:08am we finally reached Bangkok Southern Bus terminal at first. Few passengers got off here.

About Southern Bus terminal, please check my previous post.

Minivan ride from Bangkok Southern Bus terminal to Ratchaburi Province

Morning comes just soon.

At 6:48am Mo Chit bus terminal here we are. Almost 15 hours bus trip completed with no tired feeling at all.

Bangkok Mo Chit Bus terminal

Bangkok Mo Chit bus terminal is a bit far from MRT/BTS station. To go, I advise you to take local city bus first then change to convenient train route next. If no air-con bus, ticket only 8THB to nearest BTS/MRT station.

Follow other local passengers to go to bus depot.

When you reach Seven Eleven below turn right 2 times.

Turn right first.

And turn right again to walk straight.

Local bus depot is at the back.

Mo Chit city bus depot. You can take bus from here to go home or nearest BTS/MRT station.

25THB for me air-conditioned bus No. 145.