Living cost in Bangkok Mar, 2022


This is regular post about my expenditure of my monthly living cost in Bangkok, Thailand. In march, I spent 29,776THB in total which is a bit higher than my target 25,000 THB due to dental treatment and souvenir shopping for my family and friend when I go back to Japan during Songkran holiday.

Total cost – 29,776 THB

My cost will be divided into categories below considering my main life activity, fitness and travelling. These cost amount is almost same. Gap happened from my target cost 25,000 THB comes from other cost mainly in this month.


Fitness – 4,696 THB

Fitness related expenses are as below. From next month, I will not divide supplement cost into several months as Creatine in the table. While I purchased supplement a lot this month, I take only one time personal training in my home, Jetts fitness so total cost is 4,696 TH, almost average as usual.

I also reduce the protein intake recently to improve my stomach condition. It seems that my stomach is not strong enough to digest protein from the milk due to lactose intolerance symptom in my body. Normally, I consider to consume 10 lbs protein in 2 months but this period will be slightly extended owing to less amount of protein intake from now on.

Gym2,00014 months for 16,800THB, 1200THB/month
Personal training 1 times (800THB/session)
Protein1,56710lbs (4.5kg) Whey protein 3,134THB for 2 months
Supplement1,129Creatine 1kg 1,108THB for 7 months
Fish oil 690THB for 230 tablets
Zinc 281THB for 120 tablets

Travel – 3,699 THB

You might not believe that in March, I went to Hatyai, Chaing mai and Phuket 2 times, every weekend but I spent airfare and other transportation below 1,000 THB per trip.

Here is the deal, actually I purchased unlimited travel pass for Airasia last year. I completely forgot about that I got it One day early this year, I saw twitter post that the validity of my unlimited pass was extended since considering the period air flight has been banned during lockdown stage in 2021.

After I knew that I can still utilize my pass, I purchased some trips with lowest fare 100 THB per flight. (excluding tax and transaction fee) Only one outgoing flight to Hatyai, I cannot get in minimum fare but total cost for my 4 round trip was very cheap as below.

Public transportation cost during my trip also, I tried to curb it by using public way and grab bike which is affordable and convenient whenever travelling to province in Thailand.

Transportation3,073DMK- Hatyai 1,297THB
DMK-Chaing mai 459THB
DMK-Phuket 459THB
DMK-Phuket 449THB
Grab in Chaing mai 149THB
Bus and Songteaew in Phuket 260THB
Songteaw in Hatyai 80THB
Accommodation626Hatyai 1 night 285THB
Chiang Mai 1 night 171THB
Phuket 1 night 170THB

Food – 5,520 THB

My target for monthly meal budget is 6,000 THB so I successfully cleared this month. Since I am bodybuilder, to control nutrition, I make meal by myself around 95%. Rest of 5%, I go to the restaurant to dine-in only several times per month. Street food is one of best offer in Thailand but I seldom eat because I cannot control ingredients and cooing style.

Housing – 7,600 THB

I live alone in low rise condominium one bed room 28̻㎡.

Utility – 1,110 THB

Utility cost is almost same every month as below. I usually go out from my room for work and joy so I so not use utilities much inside room.

Due to scarce energy supply caused by Ukraine and Russian war, Electricity price will be up from April. Let’s see how it will be changed from next month.

Electricity428(111 kWh used)
Water36(18/unit  2unit used)
Phone32110Mbps Unlimited
Server325for blogging

Other cost – 7,151 THB

I do work out 2 hours weight training, 6 times per week so basically I do not have any health concern found in annual health check up. Only health problem I have is my teeth, though I am very careful of my teeth condition by continuous and frequent brushing and flossing, Problems come one by on e to me so I had to spend much for dental treatment.

This time, I am taking my 4th time root canal treatment. I spent root canal treatment for 7,000THB at first, then need to pay more 3,000 THB for posting and dental crown for 9,000THB… Totally 19,000 THB will be burden to treat one teeth. I had to pay some of this amount since total cost goes beyond my company medical support 10,000 per year.

Next moth, during Songkran holiday, I will go back to Japan so I prepared some souvenir to my family and friend. I will buy more before going back. And when i come back to Thailand, I will spend for my Thai friends in office and gym.

Credit card720Citi prestige card, M gen card
Entertainment353Thai national football team game 353THB
Souvenir1,466Bag Dean&Deluca 795THB
Coffee set 369THB
Thai snacks 302THB
Rabbit card410Thai national football team design
Dental3,500Root canal treatment 3,500THB (2nd time)

Ok That’s all for my expenditure report for March, 2022. I hope this will be your idea how much single foreigner spends a month.

See ya!