Nutrition and workout preparation for E-san Classic in last 3 weeks


2 weeks passed since I posted my nutrition and workout plan for E-san classic on 5th February, 2022. Progress at first week was quite ok, I successfully reduced weight 3kg but my weight loss was stagnant for next week at the same weight throughout a week so I made some changes to my plan.

One difficult thing for body making towards bodybuilding competition is there is no answer for everybody so you have to do trial and error by yourself find out most suitable way for you. Body making depends on various factors not only what you can make such as your life style, nutrition, rest and work-out plan but also your sex, genes age and so on. I will record here what I am doing to prepare for the competition. My plan might not fit to your body and lifestyle but at least it can be some of your idea to do your own way.

To see my 1st and 2nd week plan, you can refer to below post.

Nutrition and workout preparation for bodybuilding competition of E-san Classic on Feb 2022

Workout plan

My daily weight training plan is same as usual. I have 3 day cycle, separated into 3 parts of my body.

What I changed is I stopped cardio exercise after 2 hour workout. This is aim to increase my rest time one more hour and I have some advice from Youtube video that one hour cardio after workout might not be helpful to reduce fat. One hour cardio can burn 600 kcal but it leads to muscle breakdown. When you are tired and depleted of energy, your body break down your muscle to produce energy. To avoid this body function, I stopped cardio after workout.

Therefore each day, I have weight training menu only as below cycle.

  1. Chest, shoulder and triceps day
  2. Leg day
  3. Back and biceps day

Meal plan

At the time one week passed already, my weight is already reduced enough to 73kg so I do not need to think much to reduce my bodyweight to pass contest limit weight. (my contest limit weight is actually 78kg) Therefore I can maintain total daily calorie intake or slightly increase to gain more muscle in a month.

1st & 2nd week meal

3rd week meal

For 3rd week, I will keep same level of calorie then consider to adjust in next week.

To keep or increase training intensity, I reduced fat then increased carbohydrate as in the table. I expect to reduce more fat around belly by less fat intake from food and promote carb up to generate more glycogen into muscles to level up workout strength.

Started new meal plan 5 days ago, so far the result looks ok I lost one more kilo to 72kg and fat percent also became below 7%. I might increase more carb in following weeks to increase training level to gain more muscle and less fat.

Below is the time table exactly when I take my meal to the body. Considering the capacity to take protein to the body around 30g per time, I separate to meal 8 times for protein intake.

6:00Protein 25g, BCAA 3g
8:00Rice 150g, whole egg 1, egg white 9
10:00Chicken breast 100g
12:30Rice 100g, Chicken breast 150g and Broccoli 60g
15:00Chicken breast 100g
17:00Chicken breast 100g
19:30Rice 150g, Chicken breast 150g and Broccoli 65g
BCAA 5g, Fish oil, Zinc and multivitamin 1 tablet each (Pre workout)
21:30Banana 1, Creatine 5g (during workout)
22:30Oatmeal 50g, Cashew nuts 20g, mixed berry 20g and Protein 35g

Rest plan

Rest time is the most difficult part to control for me, To build muscle, not only workout but also rest time can be considered more important same as nutrition. I really feel I need improve quality of rest to recover from fatigue comes from exercise and build muscle more.

Recently I spent only 5 hours inside the bed from 1 am to 6 am in the morning. Om the daytime I feel still tired due to lack of sleep.

To have more time for rest, I stopped one hour daily cardio so that my rest time will be added one more hour to 6 hours in total.


Ok, that’s my updated plan towards E-san Classic competition on 5th February. I will monitor my condition and progress of my body then will adjust some portion of plan to be ready for next show.

For the meantime, I will continue above plan and not intended to do specific peak week preparation such as carb deplete/loading and salt & water deplete too because I heard in current trend for most bodybuilders, they do not conduct such things in final week so as not to risk to devastate their condition.

Keep updated on my blog for my progress and thank you so much for your kind support!

See ya!