The beginning “rewind”


Hello, everyone! Welcome to my blog “fitravelife”.

I am eddy, the owner of this blog. This blog features interest in my life especially Fitness, Travel and Life in overseas. I hope my blog will provide to the readers with useful information and tips of better off daily lives.

Here this is basic bio of me, I’m Japanese, residing in Thailand for 5 years already. Most of childhood times, I was raised in Japan. Before graduating from the University in Tokyo, I moved to Philippines then lived for work for 4 years. After that I came to Thailand and have been working until now.

I longed much for starting my blog to share experience and knowledge to other people and most importantly to get a little bit of pennies from the blog, of course, lol.

Since I currently live in Thailand, I will mainly write down about the life here. My focus topics are hopefully be useful information to expats and travelers in Thailand, and other countries if Covid situation gets better. And Fitness and Travel theme also be posted as my lifework in this blog.

In regard to the fitness, I started going to gym regularly since 2017. At first, I didn’t care much right forms of exercises and nutrition management. But when time goes, and getting more and more enthusiastic about making body, I changed my life style gradually to get better lean shape then yeah I think the progress is good so far thanks to my effort and advice from Youtube, lol. As this year’s target, I hired personal trainer to control and manage much strictly so as to join the fitness competition. So I can report how the competition goes in Thailand also and the tips for body making, I will share to you all.

Traveling is another life work for me. Now my age is 34 and I traveled around 50 counties in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. When I was in Japan, my character was opposite, almost no interest for the world other than Japan. This is because, I lived in America and Portugal when I was young with my family and it was hard time for me deal with language problem to communicate with the friends in class. However, when got older and became proficient in English, there is no communication issue happened and I just gave a try some short trip then loved it a lot! I always love to see the places I have never ever visited and see the people who have different way of thinking from mine. Traveling in new place and meet new people always hit my head and opens new world for me. There are lots of places that I should go in my life so I will post such travel stories here.

Last but not least, I will answer the question that readers might have “why is first post rewind?” Actually I started blog This January also but stopped in a week. So this time is second time. The different between last and this time is while I used free blog before but now I chose WordPress which is the most famous blog platform and I already paid server fee for one year to operate this blog! This means I have no choice but continue this blog, at least to earn server investment amount. Unless otherwise I will waste my money for server. So this time, I will definitely continue. After passing at least one year, blogging will be the part of life same as Fitness and Travel.

Thank you for reading this introduction. I hope you will enjoy my blog and think this as useful and inspiring blog.




  1. audie says:

    Go, Eddy!