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Jetts 24 Hour Fitness – Asok


Welcome back to “”! I came to Jetts Fitness – Asok branch this time so I will introduce their service and equipment to offer. Asok branch is located in the very heart of Bangkok metropolitan area along BTS Asok station.

In this post, I will also introduce general information about Jetts Fitness as self-proclaimed unofficial ambassador of Jetts so that readers can have some ideas to consider before joining the club.

What is the Jetts Fitness

Jetts Fitness is global fitness gym brand, originated in Australia in 2007 and now its operation expended to Thailand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, New Zealand. Gym is normally 24/7 operation and you can access to more than 270 out of all clubs* in these countries via your membership card. In Thailand, there are more than 35 branches in all over Thailand and they announced that Jetts is No. 1 fitness club in terms of number of branches in Thailand. As a member of Jetts Fitness and self proclaimed unofficial ambassador, I plan to visit all branches in Thailand and review each gyms to introduce to readers here.

Jetts Fitness Thailand | Jetts 24 Hour Fitness, no lock-in contracts, 24/7 across the world, affordable fees
Jetts Fitness Thailand | Gyms Open 24/7 - No Lock-in Contracts - Low Fees. 100% Australian, with 300+ gyms worldwide.

*There are some exception, for example, in Thailand, There are 2 types of Jetts Fitness, Jetts red and Jetts Black. Jetts red member can access all clubs except Jetts black while Jetts black member can use all including Jetts red. As of Oct, 2021, Jetts black branch has 2 places only in Bangkok while Jetts red is located not only Bangkok but also in Nonthaburi, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima, Phetchaburi and Hua Hin

Contract of membership

You can choose monthly contract or annual contract. Basically monthly payment is 1,600THB, while 1,900THB for Jetts Black branches. When joining the club there is also another charge below but you can negotiate to erase these charge from your contract.

Day pass cost is 500THB, quite high compared to other local gyms in Bangkok where they charge 100-200THB only per day.

I joined the gym in 2019 with one year membership. I paid 16,800THB only for 1 year plus additional free month. Access fee and joining fee was waived. After completing one year contract successfully, I renewed my membership again to another one year. This time, I paid same amount but I got free additional 2 months on top of one year contract. The longer term contract you make, less monthly payment amount will be. Well it applies to any gym contract thing, you know 555.

Jetts Fitness is emerging fitness club in Thailand expanding their network not only in Bangkok but also in other provinces. Newly opened club offers generous promo so I recommend readers to join new club as much as possible and use nearest branches for your convenience.

When Jetts Fitness Unilever branch opens at Rama 9 area, they had bonus free 5 months contract for one year membership. At the time, my memberships expires soon so I wanted to get this offer but it turned out the I cannot since I have already membership in other branches.

There are also plenty of personal trainers in the gym, both male and female. Based on your fitness goal, gym can assign trainers with suitable fitness background so you can contact your branch staff if you wish to find one. I made a contract of 27 sessions for 21,600THB. 800THB per session for an hour with a trainer who has experience to make body for physique contest before, that is the skills and career which I needed for my trainer to lead me to join the fitness competition in near future.

Expiration term is actually no meaning. Gym is very flexible for period to use up your personal training contract even beyond expiration day.

Currently as of October, 2021, contest event cannot be freely held due to Covid-19 control situation. Once schedule is fixed, I will go on a diet to join the competition first ever in my life.

*monthly due was increased by 100THB from January, 2023. 1,700THB for Jetts red and 2.000THB for Jetts black.

Monthly fee is 1,600THB only. Negotiate to remove other fees from your contract!

Facility and equipment in gym

Gym facility is very simple mostly targeted for general gym goers for beginner and intermediate level so if you prefer hardcore style gym or luxurious gym, Jetts might not be your option for work-out.

For example, Jetts Fitness, each branch has only one machine per unit except cardio machines. Even power rack and smith machines are one each so you might wait for your turn when crowded. Dumbbell weight also not enough, Jetts Fitness has only until 35 kg at maximum. To lift more weight, you better try another one such as muscle factory in Onnut which is the super hardcore gym in Bangkok where many bodybuilders gather from all over the world. I plan to revisit again so I will make post for muscle factory.

As I mentioned, Jetts is neither luxurious gym unlike Fitness First for example in Thailand. Jetts is not offering free towel, sports wear, and teas in clubs. Moreover, there is no facility of sauna and pools. In case you would like to have these supplement service in gym, you have to pay more for Fitness First or Virgin active gym which is of course more costly than Jetts.

Gym is mainly crowded from 5pm to 7pm weekday after the office hour period. Every branch is full packed during such time and many of them joins group class such as yoga, les mills, body combat, body pumps etc. Their official Facebook pages post group class time table regularly per each branch so if you like to join the class, you can check on FB page or contact each branch for class offer.

As a sample of gym facility, I will show you the interior of Jetts Fitness – Asok branch in this post.

Jetts Fitness – Asok

Jetts Fitness – Asok branch is at the very center of Bangkok, located just next to BTS asok station. Asok branch owns whole building as fitness gym while some other gyms are mostly renting commercial space inside shopping malls.

4 story and rooftop in whole building are for gym space. Jetts Asok branch is relatively larger and complete  compared to other clubs of Jetts.

Check the temperature and check in with your key card at the reception.

In several Jetts clubs have this Hypoxi booth as this. They can offer low impact exercise method to make healthier body as promoted in their website. I never used here, if you are interested, you can contact below link of visit directly.

What is Hypoxi? - Hypoxi Australia

1st Floor – Cardio

You can find various cardio machines, such as treadmill, climbmill, bikes, boat machines and cross walker etc.

Mezzanine space is also filled with cardio machines.

2nd Floor – Machine, cardio and male locker room

Climbing up to 2nd floor, you can be ready for your exercise to change your outfit and shoes. Female lockers are on the 3rd floor in this club. Some other clubs offers only unisex toilet booth unlike here.

Always do not forget to bring your own padlock for lockers.

6 booths for make locker room. Shower pressure is so so here.

Stretching areas and water server.

In 2nd floor, you can find some machines for glutes and arms.

Pull up for back and dip for chest.

Cable unit is also available to squeeze your muscle.

Some cardio machines are also here, you can see the people walking on the BTS sky train bridge from the window.

Abs crunch and back extension.

Never ever skip leg day by abduction and adduction. Leg extension and curl machine are also on the floor.

Pec fly and rear delt.

For upper body training.

Shoulder and chest press. You can move seat and reclining position for the machine.

Below is overview of machine zone.

3rd Floor – Group class room and female locker

Jetts Fitness offers variety of group class such as Yoga, pilates, body combat, body pump, and so on. You can check their Facebook page to know schedule for each club.


On January 2023, I found that water server was updated so that members can use hot water as well.

4th Floor – Free weight and functional training

Here comes the place where I mostly spend gym hours. Free weight machines for barbell and dumbbells are on this floor. HIIT and cross fit training also can be done in large functional training area below.

Cable machine and power rack with safety bar. Good to have mirror in front of power rack to check the depth when doing squat.

Smith machine.

Pull up and dip bar.

Incline bench press.

Decline bench press.

Flat bench press.

3 types of bench press is equipped here. Not all gyms have all these 3 types. For example, in my home gym, There are only 2 but no decline bench press rack.

Supine press and leg press.

For your interval training needs.


You can find some free weight equipment here also on the roof top areas. At this time members are preparing for group class to start here. It looks very nice to make sweat at night time outdoor field with sound.

For dead lifters.


OK! That’s all for gym review of Jetts Fitness – Asok branch. As unofficial Jetts Fitness ambassador, I will visit all Jetts clubs and post review here so that readers can know well each clubs to consider to join.

If you are interested, please contact nearest branch. Gym can offer you 3 day trial for free to let you use the gym facility before joining the clubs.

See ya!

All branches review

As of January 2023, I visited all existing branches of Jetts fitness in Thailand. I will updates branch review one by one here so that you can know them.

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