Minivan ride from Bangkok Southern Bus terminal to Ratchaburi Province


After the first working week of year 2022, I made weekend trip to Ratchaburi Province to watch football game of my team, BG Pathum United.

Ratchaburi province is just 2 hours away from Bangkok. I didn’t check well how to go there in advance  haha. Since I knew that there is minivan service from Ekkamai Bus terminal to the same direction such as Petchaburi and Hua Hin. First I went to Ekkamai Bus terminal to find the transportation.

Ekkamai Bus terminal

Arriving at Ekkamai Bus terminal by local bus, I asked staff which ticket booth sells for Ratchaburi. He said NO to my question then told me that I had to go to Southern Bus terminal for a ride to Ratchaburi. Ops.

Somehow I expected this so not that much shocked. From Ekkamai or Sukhumvit road, you can take local bus No. 511 directly to Southern Bus terminal. In Thai language, Southern Bus terminal can be mentioned as “Sai mai”

Local bus costs only 25THB but takes so much time to reach  since Sai mai is located opposite side of Bangkok, crossing Chao Phra Ya river in Thonburi area. This time it took 65 minutes from Ekkamai to Bus terminal.

When I returned from Ratchaburi province on following day, Minivan stopped at Southern Bus terminal first then arrived at Mo chit minivan terminal. It means you also can take a ride from Mo chit to Ratchaburi province.

From my experience, I highly recommend you take minivan from Mo chit not Southern Bus terminal. Mo chit minivan terminal is more accessible from the center of Bangkok by BTS/MRT and local buses.

How to go to Mo chit minivan station, you can refer to my previous post.

How to go to Mochit mini van station

Bus No. 511 to Southern Bus terminal

Waiting bus No.511 at the opposite side of Major Sukhumvit Ekkamai.

Bus operation is around 20 – 30 minutes. No. 511 runs this route  24 hours a day.

Inside air-con bus No. 511.

Bus No. 511 passed by Central world, Platinum, Grand palace and Pinklao bridge.

Passing KIng Palace and Khao san road for back packing travelers.

Surviving from an hour ride, bus finally came to stop at gas station next to Southern Bus terminal.

First time I came here so I just followed other passengers to go to Bus terminal.

Southern Bus terminal sign.

In front of Bus terminal, you will see several minivan waiting for departure. I could find van also to Ratchaburi province.

No. 76 with bell mark sign is the ticket counter for Ratchaburi province. Ticket price is 90THB. Minivan stops on several points in Ratchaburi city center such as Big C, Tesco lotus, Robinson department and finally go to minivan station in Ratchaburi.

It might be better to call mini bus more than minivan, which is typically used Toyota Hiace as commutation in Bangkok.

Mini van started to move after 20 minutes when I took a ride. Occupancy rate was around 70%. Some local people got inside on the way to Ratchaburi.

Southern Bus terminal facility

Here is some Bus terminal facility to introduce to you. There are some shops and restaurants inside and outside of the building.

Ticket office of long distance bus going to southern area is inside the building.

Bus ticket counter sells for southern direction transportation ticket.

3THB for outside toilet.

Around 2 hour ride, arriving to Ratchaburi province city center. I checked google map to dropped off from near my hotel today.

See ya!