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Why taking too much time!? Updating contact and credit card information at Anytime Fitness Japan

Welcome back to fitravelife.com! As a member of Anytime Fitness Japan I asked gym to update some information about me...

Prep for next competition! ANNBBF All Japan Championships to win WNBF pro!

Welcome back to fitravelife.com! Sorry for not updating my bodybuilding competition challenge in 2023 for long time! ...

Cancellation of Hydrogen Water and AF Benefit plus at Anytime Fitness Japan

Welcome back to fitravelife.com! I visited my home Anytime Fitness club in Japan to cancel optional service Hydrogen ...

Anytime Fitness Inagekaiganekimae 稲毛海岸駅前

Welcome back to fitravelife.com! This post features Anytime Fitness branch Inagekaiganekimae (稲毛海岸駅前) which is conven...

Anytime Fitness Yotsukaido 四街道 full plate paradise

Welcome back to fitravelife.com! Effective August 23rd, 2023, Anytime Fitness Japan abolished their rule that new mem...
Airport lounge

KAL Lounge at Fukuoka Airport

Welcome back to fitravelife.com! July 2023, I came back to Thailand from Fukuoka airport in Japan. KAL lounge is oper...

Complete guide to Anytime Fitness Japan and gym overview of Chiba Takashina 千葉高品

This article might also help understand the specific rule of Anytime in Japan for those who has membership in other countries.

Newly opened public gym in YohaS Arena at the heart of Chiba city. Only 1.6USD per 2h

Welcome back to fitravelife.com! On June 2023, I made home returning trip to Japan. During the short trip, I us...