Newly opened public gym in YohaS Arena at the heart of Chiba city. Only 1.6USD per 2h


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On June 2023, I made home returning trip to Japan. During the short trip, I used local gym in Chiba city several times so I would like to introduce to you. Gym included in Sports area called YohaS Arena, which was just opened newly on April 2023. Gym facility is actually not so complete because they do not have dumbbells and barbells. However, it is worth visiting to use for only 1.6USD (220 Japanese yen) per 2 hour use and you can fully utilize machine oriented equipment is gym. I will show you full variety of machines for your reference.

Gym is a part of YohaS arena facility which is located besides Chiba park. Nearest station is Sakusabe staion of Chiba city monorail. JR Chiba station is also near, you can just walk through inside Chiba park then see Yohas Arena.

Chiba city monorail Sakusabe (作草部) station

Yohas Arena is just 5 minutes away by walk from Sakusabe station and 15 minutes away from JR Chiba station. By end of July car parking is free. Bicycle also can be parked free at this time.

Supermarket YAOKO is just 1 block away from the entrance of Arena. You can buy food, protein bars and drinks and then consume inside the Arena.

YAOKO supermarket
YohaS Arena

Tipster dome was also built together with Arena, which has international standard bicycle race track.

Tipster Dome

Between the Arena and Dome, there are 2 street basket ball courts. When there were no advance booking, you can use it for free. To use it, simply proceed to reception counter at YohaS Arena.

3×3 basket ball court

Let’s get inside of YohaS Arena. Main entrance is at 2nd flooor. Yoi have to go down to 1st floor for fitness gym.

2nd floor lobby area.
Free wifi available inside.

Going down to 1st floor for gym use.

Not only gym but also variety of Sports field can be booked and used at very cheap price by public such as indoor gymnagium for basket ball, pimgpong volleyball etc. Kudo & Archery hall and Martial arts hall for several use.

Floor directory
Main arena from 3rd floor spectator seats.

At 1st floor, you must purchase ticket then show to reception staff. General admission for all is 220 Japanese yen (1.6USD) for 2 hours. Over 65 years ticket price is 180 yen and 100 yen only for high school students.

Ticket machine accepts either coins or bills. Tickets for gym is yellow coloured buttons at the top. From left, general admission, over 65 years old and high school students. To get change, Pull down a bit lever of おつり・返却.

トレーニング室 一般 220円
for General admission

Once you get ticket, please show to reception staff for acknowledgment. On the middle of ticket, it shows the time you have to finish using the facility. (at this time, 17:58 is finishing time) You must keep this ticket until you finish. At the end, please return this ticket to staff. If you lost, you must purchase again. And ticket is valid only purchase date.

Tickets for gym

At reception, you will get this small towel to wipe away your sweat on machines. Put Alcohol spray on the towel then clean machines every time when you finish using machines by yourself. Alcohol spray is equipped with every machine.

Smith machine and incline bench.

Please be noted that inside gym area, there are no trainers so you better know somehow how to use fitness machines. In case you need it, they have orientation program but in Japanese of course.

Gym machine orientation schedule.
Not held everyday.
Bulletin board offers useful info for use.

Unlike gyms overseas, normally gyms in Japan require to change to indoor shoes. Indoor shoes must not be worn outside, never

Shoes rack

Locker room also has toilets and shower rooms. Locker can be used for 20 Yen (10 yen x 2).

Insert 2 pieces of 10 yen coins on 投入口 then lock the door and turn key to left so the key will be removed.
4 shower booths but no amenities.
Drinking water server in front of locker room. Your own bottle can be filled here.

OK! Let’s get inside gym area finally.

Leave hand towel here once all work out done.

At the entrance of gym, you will see a baggage rack and resting chairs. Machines are coming first then cardio areas at the end.

Warming up area with yoga mat. Don’t charge your personal devices here, it is not allowed in Japan.

Next to warming up areas weight training machines come. Since there are no trainers in the gym, they do not have free weight equipment such as dumbbells and power racks which might be dangerous in case of misuse.

Cable machine with straight bar and one hand grip. Arm machine for both biceps and triceps.
Another view of arm machine.

Smith machine can be used for variety of exercise as you know. Available IVANKO plate total weight is 125kg (20kg×2, 15kg×2, 10kg×2, 5kg×4, 2.5kg×4, 1.25kg×4)


Back extension×2
Abs crunch stand
Alcohol spray is installed with all machines. Don’t forget to clean machines with towel after use .
Two hand cable machine. Another incline bench for this.
Lat pull and Seated row
Chest fly and rear delt
Abduction and adduction for inner legs
Abs crunch and back extension
Chest press
Seat position adjustable for chest and shoulder press
Leg curl and extension on left. Right one for hips and hamstrings.
Seated row machine near cardio area
Leg press
6 treadmills and 3 cross walker
5 bikes. 3 of them have backrest.

Below is gym usage guidance. Kindly follow this rule and enjoy your workout!

  • No outside shoes
  • Use machines gently
  • No occupation nor intervals on machines
  • Put large sized baggage into locker
  • Change clothes in the locker room
  • Clean machines after use
  • No cellphones use during workout
  • Share machines with others
  • Refrain work out if you feel unwell