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Aeon Lounge at Central Khon Kaen

Welcome back to! On March 2023, I came to Khon Kaen province for football game. On the way I also vis...

Shuttle bus from Khon Kaen Airport to city center

Welcome back to! On March 2023, I made a visit to Khon Kaen province in Thailand to watch the footbal...

Escape lockdown in Bangkok again to work out in Khon Kaen, disrupted trip schedule by limited train operation

Hello, welcome back to "". Same as last week, I made weekend trip to Khon Kaen province by train 8 hours ...

“Infinity gym” fully equipped warehouse gym in Khon Kaen

Weekends of August, I came to Khon Kane province to do workout. Before going on a trip, I googled then found nice gym wi...

Escape from Lockdown in Bangkok, travel to Khon Kaen province

Hello, welcome back to my blog. Last week, I managed to travel to Chiang Mai province for gym workout avoid lockdown in ...