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Shuttle bus from Khon Kaen Airport to city center


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On March 2023, I made a visit to Khon Kaen province in Thailand to watch the football game for my beloved BG Pathum United. After flight from Bangkok, I took airport shuttle bus to Khon Kaen city center so I would like to report my experience here.

Khon Kaen city bus

ขอนแก่นซิตี้บัส โฉมใหม่! โดย บัสซิ่ง ทรานสิท

Arriving at Khon Kaen airport from Suvarnabhumi by Vietjet VZ210 in the morning.


Bus stop at Khon Kaen airport

Let’s get your baggage and finish toilet first then go out from the airport terminal.

You can follow the sign of Public transportation and City bus as below.

Take escalator down to ground floor then get out from the building.

Below it is the time schedule of bus as of March, 2023. I checked their official facebook page in April then found that they added up to 5 trips per day.

Timetable as of April 2023. You better check latest schedule by their facebook page always.


Bus stop just in front of airport terminal building. When I arrived here with other passengers, shuttle bus also came in to park.

Bus fare is only 15 THB per trip.

Khon Kaen city bus


ขอนแก่นซิตี้บัส โฉมใหม่! โดย บัสซิ่ง ทรานสิท

I didn’t use but they have free wifi? What’s the meaning of 24 sign??

You can put fare into the yellow box when the driver is around. Don’t worry if you do not have exact fare, the driver can give you the change. QR code payment is also available. Just show the payment result to the driver.

Bus size is small, only around 20 seats are available. At departure time, bus was already full and several passengers needed to keep standing.

This must be original operation plan of this shuttle bus, it says operation is 24 hours, working every 10 minutes from 6am to 10 pm and every 30 minutes rest of the day.

Bus departed at 8:45 sharp.

Around 15 minutes passed, Bus drops some passengers including me at Central Khon Kaen. Bus stop at Central Khon Kaen is below area  where is next to rail way track.

Bus stop has roof.