Royal Silk lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport (domestic)

Airport Lounge

Starting from January 2022, Thai airways Royal Silk lounge reached agreement with priority pass to let priority pass holder can use their lounge regardless of airline status nor seat class such as business class. Before flying to Hatyai for bodybuilding competition, I dropped down here for the first time in 2 years since 2019.

Eligibility for entry.

Royal Silk lounge is now open for Priority pass member. I hold this pass as a benefit of Citibank Prestige credit card. This Priority pass allows you to access to more than 1,300 airport lounge all over the world unlimitedly, that is why I pay annual fee 8,000 THB to Citibank Prestige card. Nowadays, international travel is restricted quite a lot but this pass is must for frequent traveler like me.

Aside from priority pass, of course elite member of Thai airways and its partnership airline status holder “Star alliance gold member” are welcomed to enjoy the service as well as upper class passenger of Thai and Star Alliance member carrier.

Details eligibility and guest condition, I put excerpt as below.

Royal Silk Lounge and Royal Orchid Lounge:
  • Present a boarding pass of THAI Royal Silk Class – no guest allowed
  • Present a boarding pass of Star Alliance Business Class travelers – no guest allowed
  • THAI Royal Orchid Platinum and Gold members presenting a boarding pass of THAI or any Star Alliance flight.  One guest is allowed when departing on the same day of THAI or Star Alliance flights.
  • THAI Royal Orchid Platinum and Gold members presenting a boarding pass of Thai Smile Airways. One guest is allowed when departing on the same day of THAI or Thai Smile Airways.
  • Star Alliance Gold status cardholders presenting a boarding pass of THAI or any Star Alliance flight. One guest is allowed when departing same day on the same day of THAI or Star Alliance flights.
  • Star Alliance Gold status cardholder presenting a boarding pass of Star Connecting partner and a connecting itinerary of a Star Alliance flight. One guest is allowed when departing on the same flight with Star Alliance Gold passenger.
  • Star Alliance Paid Lounge membership cards (Air Canada Maple Leaf Club – Worldwide and United Airlines United Club ) with one guest departing on the same day of any Star Alliance flights.
  • Contracted customer airlines or contracted non-airlines, subject to agreement conditions
  • Passengers holding any Star Alliance staff tickets are counted as non-revenue customers and not eligible to any Star carriers’ own lounge and Star Alliance branded lounges.
  • Flight must depart on the same day of the visit or latest by 05.00 AM next morning Or sooner depending on lounge operating time.


Lounge is located at domestic terminal near gate A1-A9 Security control. Once you reach escalator to Gate A baggage control, don’t go up and walk straight following the sign of Airport Lounges.

After 100m walk, you will see entrance of Royal Silk lounge. You will be required to show your boarding pass and status card such as Airline member elite member card or lounge card such as Priority Pass.

Time management by your own.

Food and Drinks

Introducing food and drinks you can enjoy at first.

Salad and fruit for buffet style.

Drinks, soda, water and fruit juice. No alcohols are available.

Lounge overview at one Saturday 4 pm.

Original ice cream by Thai airways catering service offers 3 flavors, Butterfly pee, Thai tea and Coconut milk. This is more like sherbet not like ice cream as taste. I will show what is like later.

Snacks and hot meal table corner.

Several pies on the table, these are also made by Thai airways catering.

You can choose coffees style by machine.

Hot tea and instant noodle.

Here are another pies.

Onsen egg is half boiled egg, we Japanese normally enjoy while talking bath at hot spring. Onsen means hot spring in Japanese, Onsen egg is made by using hot spring water.

Thai traditional food is also here for the guest, below is Thai noodle, Phad thai.

Hot meal section

Rice meal is also served by package.

Working desks near bath room area.


Here are the bathroom with floral decoration. in Domestic lounge there is no shower service is available.

This is good, stable toilet stand, haha.

There is garden area, passing this way but now it is closed.

Door is locked to garden area.

Garden area of this lounge before was closed and in such area, new lounge “Coral lounge” was opened since July, 2022. I visited this new lounge on Sep. Please see my post below.

To be updated.

My relax time

Since I am flying to Hatyai for bodybuilding competition at this time, I try not to eat much just for some only for carbohydrate input. I also added 3 onsen egg white only for protein charge.

Ice cream after the meal! Well, only one is ok even during diet period for the stage.

Inside is actually not like ice cream but Ice sherbet, taste a hint of butterfly pea. This ice scream is exclusive only by Thai airways catering so please try when you depart from Suvarnabhumi airport. Next month, I will fly to Ubon Ratchathani province, I will have another flavor, Thai tea then report again.

I observed only few power outlet is installed inside the lounge. There is one near TV monitor at the entrance.

Ok, That’s all for the report about Thai airways domestic lounge “Royal Silk lounge”. I hope this post will serve you as reference before you visit here.

Meal on Sep 2022

On Sep 2022, I came back to the lounge. Unfortunately, ice cream is not offered anymore and food selection was poor maybe it was early morning of week day. However other lounge Miracle lounge and Coral lounge offers various meals so I would expect improvement by Thai airways as flagship carrier lounge.

Here the food counter on Sep 2022

Salad bar with pineapple and papaya.

Drinks but no alcohol.

Ice cream stand was removed by hot drinks.

At this time 8am weekday there was no hot meal offered.. Only chicken conge..

Cherry muffin and greenteacake.

Signature Thai airways snack baaton kor can be tasted also in lounge. This is a flied bread, it is really simple food but tasty so please try here.

Spinach and chicken pie.

Normally I am already full when I reach here so I took only patato juice and pineapple, 55.

See ya!

Atmosphere on Feb 2023

Here is another look with refurbished seating areas and some hot meal 2023. Ice cream is now back also 55.

Thai denmark brand ice cream is available for milk and mango flavor

Hot meals. 

New seats look more casual and modern than before.