DoubleTree Phuket Banthai Patong Resort – pool and gym


Welcome back to my blog! Continued from last article, Please let me introduce more about the facility of DoubleTree Phuket for pool and fitness. Restaurant and food offer will be introduced in next article.

Below is the overall hotel facility map that I received when checked in. Hotel has 3 similar designed pool for guest’s relaxation. Rooms at ground floor has direct access so if you want easy access to pool, I recommend you to book these rooms.

10A,10B and 10C on the map are pools

Below is the pictures of pool 10A on the map. The size of pool is quite large, there seems more than 30M from edge to edge in width. Other pools are almost same big as this size.



Bar counter inside the pool

It was good to swim as cardio exercise for me since the pool is less crowded. Actually it was only me at the night time to dive in the pool.

There is also gym facility in the hotel, which is located in separate building from the pools and guest rooms. Gym is on the map, No. 11.

Gym facility is not so big but you can utilize the equipment for your need to do workout. At this moment, I used smith machine for squat and Bulgarian squat using dumbbells for leg day training.

Warm up area for yoga mat and balance ball


Chest press


Smith machine and dumbbells


Dumbbell weight until 20kg


Leg press and cardio machines


Lat pull down and seated row for perfect back training.


Changing room. Locker key is attached to box.


Steam and dry sauna is not operated all time. If you want to use, you can ask nearby staff.



There are enough large 3 pools at the hotel so either you just want to be relaxed or to burn the calories in a distance swim, you will be surely satisfied. Gym facilities are not so big but there are good enough equipment to train whole body and maintained as good condition. You can use each machines to your own needs.