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Aeon Lounge at Central Phuket

During my trip to Phuket on Dec 2021, I visited Aeon lounge at Central Phuket. In this article, let me introduce their s...

Phuket Airport public bus operation as of March, 2022

Welcome back, everyone! I came to Phuket on Mar, 2022. Thanks to relaxation of Covid restriction, tourists gradually com...

Jetts Fitness – Central Phuket

Welcome back to "" End of 2021, I made trip to Phuket. In there we have also Jetts Fitness branch in Cent...

Joining Thailand Southern Bodybuilding Championships 2021

Continuing from last post, I will record my competition day story here. In overall, it was good experience for me to joi...

Preparation for bodybuilding competition 【Nutrition and workout】

This time, I would like to reveal what I have done towards fitness competition particularly in last month.

Registration for Thailand Southern Bodybuilding Championships 25-26 Dec, 2021

Year 2021 comes to end nearly since December month has arrived already. Covid-19 situation is getting better and better ...

How to go to Patong beach from Phuket airport in local way 130THB

 This post is re-write from my previous blog. Information as of Dec, 2020 Hello, everyone, welcome back to "fitraveli...

Phuket Now Dec. 2020

This post is re-write from my previous blog Normally I go out to the overseas trip during year end holiday season but t...

DoubleTree Phuket Banthai Patong Resort – Restaurant

Welcome back to my blog! This time, I would like to show you the Restaurant and food that Double Tree Hilton offers to g...

DoubleTree Phuket Banthai Patong Resort – Facility

Welcome back to my blog! Continued from last article, Please let me introduce more about the facility of DoubleTree Phuk...