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Thai life


New year’s greetings and resolution of 2023

Welcome back to! Happy new year 2023, I wish you all the best and good luck comes to you and your lov...
Thai life

Application for unemployment insurance in Thailand

Welcome back to! As you know, I already resigned from Japanese company in Bangkok end of August, 2022...
Thai life

How much does full-time bodybuilder in Bangkok spend for a daily meal?

Thai life

Finally I am laid off by Japanese company in Thailand and become fulltime bodybuilder!

Welcome back to! As I implied on my previous post, I officially left my company in Thailand then beco...

Living cost in Bangkok, June 2022

Half year already passed for year 2022. As usual, I will make my living cost summary post for June, 2022. Total cost - ...

Diet meal for bodybuilder in Bangkok and recent workout routine

Welcome back to! Since June, 2022 I started diet now to prepare for my competition in July and Septem...
Thai life

What shall I do in case of dismissal by a company in Thailand? Check your right and benefit in advance.

As you know I am currently working in a company in Thailand for more than 4 years. Somehow our company has been survived...

Living cost in Bangkok Apr, 2022

Good evening, everyone! As my regular post in this blog, I will make my expenditure summary for April, 2022 for my Bangk...

Living cost in Bangkok Mar, 2022

This is regular post about my expenditure of my monthly living cost in Bangkok, Thailand. In march, I spent 29,776THB in...
Thai life

How much does bodybuilder in Bangkok spend for daily meal?

Welcome back to ""! This time, I would to share how much I spent for my daily lean bulk up meal as ama...