Diet meal for bodybuilder in Bangkok and recent workout routine


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Since June, 2022 I started diet now to prepare for my competition in July and September.

Registration for WNBF bodybuilding competition in Indonesia and Philippines


Basically, what I eat every day is same as when I am on bulk up phase. I just adjust carbs intake amount then keep same strength of training to reduce fat only as much as possible. Taking my coach’s advice, I gradually cut carbs week by week around up to 300 kcal per week. Of course, depending on condition and progress, I will be in need to make small changes for macro nutrition.

Meal plan during Bulk up period

Above is the daily makronutrients when making myself bigger. Total calories is around 3,800kcal, I divide 3 major makro to this, Protein:Fat:Carbs=30:20:50.

Lean bulk up plan after E-san classic competition

Meal plan for diet

One month already passed when embarking on diet process for competition. Now my calories amount went down to 2,500kcal only in total a day. Protein level, I keep same, around 30% to maintain muscle mass but fat will be reduced to lower around 10% of all nutrients. To reduce more weight, I will just decrease carbs amount from now on.

My target is just reduce 2 -3 kg only a month, that is a modest pace to keep muscle and lower fat volume.

Daily meal prep for diet period

Recently, fear for Covid19 was almost disappeared and most people came back to the gym to do workout to regain strength they might lose during Covid-19 spreading period. I was working out around 8 pm before but now it is almost impossible due to full crowd in the gym. So I changed back my routine to morning work out to use gym as like my home gym.

First meal of a day will be done 3:30 in the morning. (or midnight, 55)I wake up 3 am then start to make oatmeal and other meal prep for the day.

70g of oatmeal.

Mix berry (or Cranberry) for 20g.

Cashew nut for 10g. “aro” brand is own brand of Macro wholesales supermarkets. You can buy bulk stuff in a affordable price there.

Not every time, only sometimes, I put yogurt also to keep good stomach condition. I was suffering form severe diarrhea for long time. To have good environment in intestine is key to digest food nutrients to circulate to body to build muscle tissues so please do not neglect any adverse symptom in your stomach.

Add hot water next to soften oatmeal to eat.

I also add protein powder to have flavor in oats at last then that’s it! This is my first meal before work out session.

At the same time, I also prepare for my prep to eat at office. There has canteen for employee but of course I do not eat anything to control nutrients for my body. By using air flier, my preparation just needs to cut chicken to a bite size then wait for 20 minutes to be heated up.

Chicken fillet or breast part is my main meal for food prep. Recently price is a bit higher in Bangkok, I normally purchase these 119 THB per kilo.

Cut chicken to smaller size then put in air flyer for 20 minutes.

Boom, that’s it. I like this absolutely, more than 1 years, I continue this meal every day. I am pretty sure that I can continue forever, never get bored of this.

A pinch of Himayalan pink salt will be added on top of Chicken for sodium and mineral intake. I purchased this by online shopping site Shopee for 130THB only per kilo.

Around 100g of Broccoli comes as best buddy for Chicken meal. I will consume this meal prep separated to two times with rice.

During workout, I take Creatine 5g only with water. Before I was taking BCAA and Glutamate also but it seems out of stock in website so I do not use anymore.

My work out round continues for 2 hours everyday from 4:20 to 6:20 sharp. After prepared for work, I will take first meal prep during communication to the office.

Chicken 150g, Rice 200g and broccoli 60g.

Sorry, I lied, hehe actually my company  canteen provides eice for free so I bring out for my meal. In the morning, I put rice in meal box for 300*2 for 3 meals.

Working time starts from 8:30 am. Unlike other person, I already stay awake for 6 hours and get tired a bit for my morning work out. To wake up and concentrate on work, I sap a bit of coffee, 1/5 of a cup only.

Around 10am, I take protein only to support muscle synthesis.

Finally lunch time comes at 12:30. Since I am on diet phase, I am already  super hungry until this moment .

My lunch is same as meal prep after workout. Chicken 150g, rice 200g and broccoli 60g.

After eating my lunch for just 10 minutes, I prepare for another prep at 4am, haha. Potato and eggs are coocked previous night. At this moment, I prepare for eat later.

Out of 5 eggs, whole egg is one only. Other 4, yalk will be removed.

Around 4am, I consume eggs and potato while working on desk. It is very normal for local people too that eating while working, so I follow other people, haha.

I am back aleady at home around 7pm! Another cooking time for Chicken and broccoli by air flyer will be easily and smoothly done as my routine task.

Again Chicken 150g, rice 200g and around 50g of broccoli will be taken.

For fat, I just take olive oil 5g only.

And supplement, Zinc, Multivitamin, Vitamin C and Fish oil, one tablet each.

OK! that’s all food currently I am taking everyday as diet for the competition in Bali next month. For drinks, I take only water for 4 or 5 litter per day.

To wake up 3am, I go to bed around 8:30 pm.

Good night!