How much does full-time bodybuilder in Bangkok spend for a daily meal?

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This is re-write of my popular post about my full day meal in Thailand. I hope readers can get the idea how much full-time bodybuilder in Bangkok spend and eat in a daily meal. From September, 2022, I became full-time bodybuilder so I can concentrate more on my meal than the time I devote my time to office work.

My resignation experience in Thailand

Finally I am laid off by Japanese company in Thailand and become fulltime bodybuilder!

My meal plan while working at office – 220THB per day

How much does bodybuilder in Bangkok spend for daily meal?

Daily nutrient and cost (151THB)

As a full-time bodybuilder, I normally eat 6 times a day to avoid feeling hungry nor full that either condition is not ideal for body to build muscle and decrease fat level. Below is the time table of my eating habit and daily macro nutrition summary.

Unlike office work days, I can have enough time to spend for food preparation of good nutrient. Basically, I follow below meal plan every day. Sometimes adding green apple, salad, potato etc depends on my stomach condition.

Since my next competition is coming soon, I reduce the amount of rice intake to lower the calories to trim the fat. While I am in bulky stage, I simply increase the amount of rice and fat a bit more.

Macro nutrients

My current nutrient strategy is

  1. Take at least 3X protein (g) of my body weight (kg)
  2. Take fat around 10% of all calories
  3. Carb amount will be adjusted based on daily body weight change

My current body weight is 72kg so I target to intake at least 216g (72*3)of protein every day. Fat level is kept low but comes from good source of fat such as olive oil or nuts. Carb will be taken by rice or oatmeal mainly. Sometimes, I will eat salad too as well for carb.

Daily cost per ingredients

Below table is the calculation of how much I spent for each ingredients. To save cost, I normally purchase food stuff in bulk amount in wholesales store makro or nearby supermarkets. For example, I buy eggs 120pcs at one time and white rice for 5kg.

120 pcs egg pack costs around 400THB at Makro wholesale store.

Daily meal prep

My day starts early even if it is is not necessary anymore after retirement. Before 6am, I wake up then make daily meal until 6pm.

1st meal comes as oatmeal, nuts, berry and yogurt. I prefer to take protein powder to take protein faster after 7 – 8 hour fasting during sleeping.

I use scale but do not measure exact amount, 55.

I started to take Yogurt for my meal to improve my stomach condition and so far the result is ok, I do not have diarrhea anymore.

Put all in the bowl then pouring hot water for eating.

Before I take my first meal, I also prepare to make 2nd – 5th meal which is almost same menu, rice, chicken and broccoli.

While I was in the office, rice can be obtained for free from the company pantry but now I started to cook rice by myself. Rice cooker is from Smarthome brand, purchased at home center at 1,090THB. My air flier is also Smarthome brand, working more than one year so I think quality is quite ok for its cheap price.

Rice is sold at supermarkets, price range is around 100 – 200 THB per 5kg.

One cup of rice 180g will be around 350g of rice when cooked with water.

Waiting for 50 minutes to cook rice.

While waiting for rice to complete, I prepare for another main ingredients, chicken as well. I cut chicken breast by hand to make it smaller to pieces.

This is another home appliances I rely on for daily meal. Air flier is very convenient to make flied food without using oil. I can cook, pork, beef, chicken, eggs, broccoli etc, any kind of food in a healthy way. You can find this item in supermarkets or appliance shop from 1,000 THB.

In my style, I set 200℃ for 10 minutes at first. Then mix the chicken inside the air flier to heat another 12 minutes.

Stir chicken a bit after 10 minutes heating.

Completed cooking for 22 minutes in total.

Rice is also made after 50 minutes.

I separate rice for meal each time.

Don’t forget to cook broccoli by airflier too!

Here is 9 am meal.

12 noon meal quite different with carrot, lol.

3pm meal after gym work out.

During workout, I take creatine and salt together with water.

6pm meal, quite decent style at home. I admire water so I drink water only most of times. Except water, I sometimes drink black coffer to take caffeine to stimulate my concentration on work out.

I normally do not take much carb before I sleep. Instead, only 5 eggs are enough for protein and fat intake.

Around 8pm, I take 2 whole flied eggs and 3 eggs white.