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A cooler day in Bangkok November 2023, I visited Fitness24Seven Nana branch where currently I hold the membership with.

Gym is open for 24 hours but membership consultant and walk-in use (499 THB per day and 1,000THB for a week) can be handled only during staff hours.

  • Mon – Fri 8:00 – 22:00
  • Sat, Sun and Holidays 10:00 – 22:00

For general information about this gym, please refer to below post especially membership fee.

Complete guide to Fitness24Seven in Thailand and newest branch Happyland

Location and direction of Nana branch

Gym is located in one of famous night place area “Nana area”, and close to the city center Asok. Since it is very close to night clubs “Nana plaza”, almost half of gym users are foreigners staying in Thailand as tourist.

Gym consists of 3 story building; 1st floor for machines, 2nd for cardio and group class room and 3rd for free weight zone.

Nearest train station is either BTS Nana station or Phloen Chit station by walk 10 minutes to gym.

Training & Fitness | Fitness24Seven

For prep needs, there is Villa Market supermarket, Phloen chit center, one block away in Phloen chit side.

Fitness24Seven Nana branch

Member card and finger scan verification for entry.

Small member lounge area and InBody machine check your daily progress.

Personal trainers to support achieve your fitness goals.

Gym original merchandize on sale at each store.

1st Floor Machine area

All machines are supported by Nautilous brand. Most of them are displayed by lbs not kg.

Biceps curl.

Abdominal. Ops it’s broken now.

Rotary torso.

Low back.

Triceps press.

Chest press.

Leg extension.

Abduction and adduction.

Row machine.

Leg press.

Glutes press.

Leg curl.

Assisted chin and dip stand.

Pec and rear deltoid machine.

Lat pull down.

Shoulder press.

1st floor is only for machines. Stairs only for 2nd floor. There is wheel chair mark on the entrance but no elevator to upper floor…??

2nd Floor Cardio and group class

Cross walker and boats.

Tread mils, climb mils and bikes.

Locker space in cardio area. Membership card to be used to lock the door. Maximum use is 6 hour only, beyond this period, you need to ask for help from staff to open the door.

At the back  of 2nd floor, there is group exercise room. Cold water stand and uni sex toilet and Women’s changing room is also here.

Group class schedule is updated monthly via Instagram official page.

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Class session items in the room.

Unisex toilet in 2nd floor.

3rd Floor Free weight and stretch area

Stretch area is next to stairs. Cross fit training also can be done here.




Let’s see free weight zone area items one by one, from abs and back extension stand.

Cable machine.

Flat and incline bench stand. Big guy is working on 160 kg bench press right now, haha.

Further view of same place. Multifunctional cable machine here also.

Straight bar, 10kg 15kg and 20kg, Hex bar and EZ bar stand.

Angled smith machine with mirror front.

Shoulder pad on the floor.

Dumbbell stand 1 to 10kg each weight and until 40kg per 2.5kg.

Kettle bells and T bar row stand.

Leg press plate loading.

Preacher curl stand.

Seated calf stand with plates.

Chin and dip stand. 

2 power racks.

Cable machine attachment box.

Outside view from 3rd floor.

Cold water and cleaning station on 3rd floor.

Unisex toilet also here on 3rd floor.

Male locker room at the back of free weight zone.


3 dryers are available in front of mirror.

2 toilets and 3 shower booth. You need to bring your own shower items to use.