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How much does full-time bodybuilder in Bangkok spend for a daily meal?


Registration for Thailand International Elite Physique Championships 2022 at Phisanulok on 6 -7 August 2022 *deadline 1 August

TBPA (Thailand Bodybuilding and Physique Sport Association) just announced their next competition in Phitsanulok Provinc...

Diet meal for bodybuilder in Bangkok and recent workout routine

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【Complete guide for beginner】How to prepare for TBPA bodybuilding competition in Thailand

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Thai life

How much does bodybuilder in Bangkok spend for daily meal?

Welcome back to ""! This time, I would to share how much I spent for my daily lean bulk up meal as ama...

Lean bulk up plan after E-san classic competition

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Nutrition and workout preparation for E-san Classic in last 3 weeks

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Winning Top 5 finalist at Thailand Open Masters Game 2022

January 16th, 2022 I joined Thailand Open Masters Game at Central Festival Hatyai for Bodybuilding competition. This tim...

New Year’s Resolution 2022

Happy new year 2022, everyone. I hope all enjoyed and relaxed during vacation season and came into new year with refresh...