Complete guide to Fitness24Seven in Thailand and newest branch Happyland


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From October 2023, I changed my home gym to Fitness24Seven from Jetts Fitness. It’s already been for 2 weeks since I joined this new gym. At the moment, I am satisfied new home with better facility and cheaper price than Jetts Fitness.

Complete guide to Jetts Fitness Thailand and Jetts 24 Hour Fitness - Asok

I will show general information of Fitness24Seven in Thailand so please check if you are considering to join.

What is Fitness24Seven?

Fitness24Seven is Swedish original fitness gym opened 24/7 hour to provide good quality of fitness facility and service such as machine, free weight, functional training and group class. As of November 2023, they operates gym in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Columbia and of course in Thailand

Fitness24Seven in Thailand

*Click branch name to see full facility in each branch.

In Thailand, currently they operate 7 branches in Bangkok and Samut Prakarn province. Each gym is equipped with complete fitness facility such as machines, cardio, free weight and group class exercise.

However be noted that they do not have sauna and pool unlike luxurious gyms such as Fitness First and Virgin Active.

Group class schedule of each branch. Updated monthly.


Unique point, they have Women’s workout room, separated from other areas. I actually do not know what they have since I am not entitled to enter as man, hehe. Please check at the actual site if you are interested.

In this post, I will show their newest branch Happyland branch as example. Other branch facility information also be updated in this blog when I visit.

Training & Fitness | Fitness24Seven

Fee to use the facility

Free trial

Same as other fitness brand in Thailand, Fitness24Seven also offers free trial 7 days. This is good opportunity for those wants to check the gym atmosphere before joining.

Sign up for a Free Trial at Fitness24Seven
Get a free week of full access to all gyms and group training classes at Fitness24Seven. Work out 24/7 at Fitness24Seven!

Day pass and short term use

Day pass costs 499THB. One week for 1,000THB and one month only for 2,000THB.

Membership contract

Normally gym membership is divided into 2 category: monthly member or longer term member 6 months or 1 year.

Monthly contract

Monthly contract has 2 options as below. You will need credit card or debit card to register for this contract. Whichever type of contract, you can use any of gym in Thailand.

  • 899 THB / month for 8am to 3pm access only
  • 1,299 THB / month for 24/7 access

For monthly contract, you also need to pay joining fee 999 THB and Access fee 500 THB when signing up. Luckily I have promotion from true postpaid so these fees are removed from my contract. This promotion runs within 2023, if you have postpaid plan of true or dtac, please ask to apply when joining.

Joining month fee will be calculated remaining days of training you have. If you sign up after 16th of the month, you are also required to pay following month membership fee at the sign up.

Sing up process was very easy and fast, I never signed any paper but just presented my credit card. Staff also take your face photo and fingerprint for entry verification. After then membership card will be issued for you.

Got membership card and halloween gift at the signing day.

true promotion I used.

Other credit card promotion.

Newest promotion information also can be checked in their official Instagram page.

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Long term contract

Long term contract also offers 2 options. You will pay full amount when signing. Joining fee and access fee will be exempted from these contracts.

  • 7,999 THB for 6 months (1,333 THB/month)
  • 14,999 THB for 1 year (1,249 THB/month)

Long term membership cannot be cancelled nor frozen.

Benefit program for long term tenure with gym

On November 2023, additional benefit program was revealed from officials for those who has continuous membership more than 2 years.

Gold Member – more than 2 years

  • One referral get one month free membership. 2 referral per year.
  • Referred member will be exempted from access fee and joining fee.
  • Bring your friend to gym free 2 times per year.
  • 10% discount for PT package and gym merchandise.

Black Member – more than 5 years

  • One referral get one month free membership. 5 referral per year.
  • Referred member will be exempted from access fee and joining fee.
  • Bring your friend to gym free 10 times per year.
  • 20% discount for PT package and gym merchandise.

Once you are qualified, you can claim new membership card at reception.

Corporate membership

Your company might have corporate membership benefit with gym. Please check with HR😊

Freezing contract

Only monthly membership can be frozen up to 3 months.

Cancellation of contract

To cancel monthly contract, you just need to inform to staff by 25th of last month. If you want to cancel membership on December, your deadline falls on 25th of December.

Personal training

Gym provides personal training session with member to support achieve various fitness goals. Please contact gym staff for finding suitable trainer for you.

Personal Training at Fitness24Seven
Fitness24Seven certified Personal Trainers help our members to achieve their personal fitness goals and implement a healthy lifestyle! Find your PT tody.

Banana Friday

Every Friday is Banana day at all branches. You can get free banana normally starting around 11am.

Fitness24Seven Happyland

Location and direction to the gym

Happyland branch was newest branch of Fitness24Seven in Thailand as of November 2023. It was opened on 2022 in Bang Kapi area, a bit far from the city center and more on local area. Nearest train station is MRT Yellow line Bang Kapi station, where it is connected by sky bridge to Happyland mall.

When you are visiting by train please use sky bridge below to N Mark building 2nd floor first then pass connecting way to Happyland mall. This time, I came to this area by walk from Ramkhamheng road by bus.

Connecting bridge from MRT yellow line.

In front of N mark building, you can find The Mall Bang Kapi, landmark shopping mall in this area which offers various dining option, shopping department, cinema and attraction pool.

Gourmet market in Mall Bang Kapi offers wide variety of local and international food.

You may also Lotus’s shopping mall for cheaper grocery.

Fitness24Seven sign on N mark building. You have to go through N mark to reach the gym.

N mark plaza.

Follow the sign to Happyland.

Happyland mall entrance. This one is also local mall has only a few restaurants, cloth shop, massage stores and mobile shops.

MIXUE is popular cafe among Thai people now to sell cheaper ice cream and teas.

Steak house.

Going up to 3rd floor for gym.

3rd floor is full of computer and mobile shops.

Go straight farther to the other end.

You can use elevator instead.

Here comes Fitness24Seven Happyland branch. So far, I visited 4 benches of Fitness24Seven. People Park, Phahon Yothin, Nana and this one. Onnut is quite bigger and more equipment while other 3 has almost same size and same machines. So I would say, Happyland branch is standard sized gym of this brand.

Out of mall hours, you can climb up outside stairs from this side drectly to the gym.

Noticed Seven Eleven there also 24 hours at ground floor.

Gym merchandise on sale.

No staff at entrance, maybe all out for lunch, 55.

Member card and finger print scan for entrance.

Free weight area

Let’s take a look at free weight area first. On your right side from entrance, you will find free weight and cardio machines. On the other side, changing room, women’s workout room and warm up area are there.

2 super smith machines in front of mirror. Machines in Fitness24Seven are Nautilus brand.

45 degree leg press machine with plate loaded and glutes drive (hip thrust).

Glute drive.

Overview of free weight area.

2 power racks. Plate and bar is ZIVA brand. Floor is a bit slippery but thick mat used for shock abortpion.

ZIVA Olympic sized bar 20kg.

Crunch stand, back extension and seated calf with plates.

Cable machine on the side. Another cable machine is placed on the middle of this area.

Dumbbell zone with incline benches.

Dumbbell is prepared up to 40kg. 10 sets from 1 to 10kg and from 10kg to 40kg, 2.5kg increment.

Preacher curl stand.

Additional bar stand such as Hex bar, EZ bar and 10kg bar.

Another cable machine.

Pull up stand.

Flat and incline bench stand. Kettle bells too.

Plate stand for loading more weights.

Cable attachment box.

Another side view of free weight area.

Cable compound machines.

Cardio area

Cardio machines are bikes, boat, stair master and cross walk. Since there is no monitor on the machines so please bring your own device then connect to free WiFi to watch medias.

Group class room

Storage room for class activity use.

Item box in class room.

Member lounge

You will see member lounge right in front of entrance gate. Food can be consumed here.

Cold water stand but no hot.

Inbody machine can measure your body component and record history by apps. I actually so not use this machine since it shows too low body fat rate for me 3 percent every time. I just check body weight only.

Download apps to track your progress.

Hmm, I do not see any charging machine in this branch while I saw in some other branches. Alternatively, you can charge your devise with outlet on the wall.

Changing room

Changing room is separate for sex.

Below is the men’s changing room. 2 dryer is set for use.

Another angle view of changing room.

2 toilet bowl and one room inside.

Inside of toilet room.

Simple washing area.

6 individual shower rooms with lock.

Remember they do not have shampoo, body soap nor towels in gym. Hot water also available and water pressure in this gym is very good, strong enough.

To use locker, you need membership card. This is a bit bothersome because during workout, you always have to carry member card.

Tap button with card to close the door.


Women’s gym area is closed, exclusively used for women only, next to women changing room.

Machine area

Next is for machines areas. Basic series of machines are lined up for whole body training.

Pull down machine for wide and narrow grip. Weight is a bit light for me, I can pull full stack weight for this machine. Most machines are displayed as lbs not kg.

Chest press machine moves a bit inclined.

Pec fly and read delt.

Assisted chin and dip stand.

Shoulder press machine. Both side moves separately.

Row with several grip position.

Adduction and Abduction.

Biceps curl machine. I like to use this machine with one arm.

Leg press machine with weight stuck.

Leg extension. This machine is maybe broken, making odd sound when used.

Triceps press machine.

Glute press. This one is also light weight only to use.

Low back.

Lying leg curl.

Another leg press but named as seated leg press. I do not know the difference from another one hehe.

Rotary torso.

Abdominal crunch machine.

Stretch area

At the back of machine area, there is small stretching zone.

That’s all for gym review of Fitness24Seven Happyland branch. Gym is located in very local area of Bangkok so you may not have chance to visit much but now the access to this area got easier thanks to newly opened yellow line monorail. When you have a chance, please try to visit and sweat here in the gym!