Fitness24Seven Summer Hill *permanently closed


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This time, I would like to share gym facility of Fitness24Seven Summer Hill branch. I had chance to visit and use this branch on Feb 2022 thanks to my friend working at that time.

Unfortunately, this branch was already closed on Sep 2023.

For general information of Fitness24Seven in Thailand, please refer to my previous post below.

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Location of Summer Hill branch

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As in the branch name, gym is located in Summer Hill, commercial complex next to BTS Phra Khanong station. Summer Hill complex offers Top Market, several cafe, clinic and so on.

Gym is on second floor of Summer Hill. You can get pre workout meal at Top Market on ground floor.

Entrance of Fitness24Seven.

I got member card from my friend to try out the gym today. At the moment, I didn’t join the gym. However experience this time reminded me to join Fitness24Seven this year, one year after.

Changing room

Below is interior design of changing room. Lockers can be locked with member card.

You can use any available locker. Push button with member card to close the locker. Locker is closed now. Toilet bowls.

Hair dyers and hungers to hook clothes.

No lock for shower room doors. Hot and cold water is available.

Shower pressure is ok soso.

Toilet rooms in changing room.

Group class room

I didn’t join class activity today.

Items for class such as body pump and step move maybe.

Plenty of class training schedule even on morning time.

They have also cycling class one time a day.

Cold water server installed in gym.

Vending machine and free device charging machine. Good thing to use this charging device is they already have cable so you do not need to bring your own charger and cable to gym.

Stretch area

Once prepared to work out, let’s see one by one gym facility. Of course, this gym allows you to work out with outdoor shoes so you do not need to training shoes like me. However only training shoes is allowed. No slippers nor sandals.

Small stretching area with also some items for functional training.

Free weight area

3 incline bench stands and dumbbells from 10 to 40kg, increment by 2kg.

ZIVA brand dumbbell up to 40kg.

Smaller dumbbells from 1 to 10kg.

Bench press stand.

Put always stopper for safety purposes.

Incline bench press. Free weight machines are all Nautilus brand while barbells, plates and dumbbells are ZIVA brand.

Plate stand.

Preacher curl.

45 degree angles leg press with plates.

Other side of free weight area and functional area at the back.

2 power racks. Super smith machine with slight angle.

Close view of power racks. Good to have mirrors in front to check your movement.

Chin and dip stand.

Functional training area

Kettle bells and training belts for free use. Seated calf with plates and back extension stand.

This area also can be used for functional training.

Punching mitt.

Cable machine.

Cable compound machine for pull down, row etc.

Some cable attachments. Wish they had MAG grip! Please head office, consider to import next time.

Abdominal stand.

View from cable areas.

Outside space also for functional training.

Machine area

Right side on this gym, you can find machines for whole body and cardio work out.

Machines are almost same with other branches. They have one set of Nautilus machine for whole body workout. Low back machine.


Rotary torso.

Biceps curl.

Back row.

Shoulder press, moves right and left separately.

Abduction and Adduction for inner and outer thigh.

Leg press machine.

Leg curl.

Leg extension.

Pull down.

Fly and rear delt.

Chest press.

Cardio machines

Nice to have climb mills which I never used, haha.

Cross walkers.

Boat machines.

Permanently closed on Sep 2023

As mentioned on top of this page, gym was permanently closed on Sep 2023. As compensation for current gym member, they are offering discount for membership fee and PT package. Members are also encouraged to visit nearest branch, Onnut People Park after closure. However, Onnut branch is actually a bit far from BTS station so it may not be convenient for current members to visit. For those, refund request might be better. Entrance door is locked now.

Gym machines are already removed.

Official notice.

Free weight area before.

Aesthetic salon next to the place where Fitness24Seven was there, was also shut down due to default on a debt. Demand letter below mentions that building owner requested tenant to pay rental fee.

View form BIS Phra Khanong station. Second floor got so empty now. Location is very convenient, just in front of BTS station so I expect new tenant might fill in the space soon.

Update on Dec 2023

On Dec 2023, gym glass was removed so you will not know this was the place where Fitness24Seven branch was there. Now, they are making walls to divide room to prepare for new tenants coming.

Glass removed already from the space where gym was there before


LUXE Beauty salon came back to operation 55. Congrats for solving rent fee issue.