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On December 2023, I made a visit to one of my current home gym branch, Fitness24Seven Phahon Yothin so I would like to make full equipment review and picture post for reference.

Fitness24Seven is Swedish fitness gym, currently operating 7 branches in Thailand. For monthly fee and other general information, you can check my previous post below.

Complete guide to Fitness24Seven in Thailand and newest branch Happyland
Training & Fitness | Fitness24Seven

Gym location

Gym is located in Phahon Yothin area, between BTS green line Ha Yaek Lat Phrao and Phahon Yothin 24 station. Gym is in the middle of both stations so you can walk 10 minutes from there. Ha Yaek Lat Phrao station is connected to Central Lat Phrao and Lotus’s shopping center so I recommend this station if you need to buy meal prep or food before gym workout.

From Ha Yaek Lat Phrao station, take exit No. 4.

Central plaza mall is connected with BTS Station.

Walking on the sky bridge from exit No. 4. This bridge also leads to Lotus’s chopping center.

Walking down to the ground. Several buses can bring you to the area here. Below is the nearest bus stop sign for gym.

In front of the gym, you can find famous local night market spot, JODD fairs Dan Neramit. Unlike Rama 9 area, this place is not so crowded with Chinese tourists, 555. You can enjoy have nice modern and local Thai night market experience here. Opens every day from 4pm until midnight.

Before gym, you will come to Phahon Yothin 19 soi. For quick prep charge, you can find Seven Eleven here.

Here comes the gym Fitness24Seven Phahon Yothin branch at Soi 19.

Fitness24Seven Phahon Yothin branch

Staff hour; 8:00 – 22:00 Mon-Fri 10:00 – 22:00 Sat Sun

Reception area sells gym merchandise also. To enter the gym, member card and finger scan needed.

InBody machine is free of charge to check body composition.

Drinks and snacks at vending machines. Well, you can also buy at Seven Eleven.

Charging spot offers cable for type C and lighting also. It is good that the also have cable since I normally do not bring charging cable with me. If you have your own charging device, it might better to charge in available outlet in gym.

Stretch area

Small stretching area near the entrance. Function training also can be done here with some equipment.

Changing room and rest room

Water station is installed 2 here, one in front of changing room as below and another in gym machine area.

They have disabled toilets and shower room also. This is good thing but I have never seen wheel chaired person in gym for the past 7 years in Thailand. Even somebody in other commercial place such as malls, supermarkets, I cannot recall if I have ever encountered such person.

Path to changing room. Women’s changing room and gym at the back.

Men’s changing room

2 toilets box inside. I didn’t open door like this, it was open when I entered, 55.

3 dryer machines.

Hand washing space.

You always need membership card to open and close the locker door. Maximum use for 6 hours only, after the limit, locker will be automatically locked and ask fot help to staff to open.

6 shower booth available in line for hot and cold shower. Water pressure is so so in this branch. You need own shower items such as shampoo and body lotion.

Cardio area

Tread mills area arranged besides windows to overlook outside. They have also cross walker bikes, climb mills and boat machines. Monitors are not equipped with machine, so you can use your device with free WiFi in the gym to see media.

Cardio area view from free weight area.

Group exercise room

Various group classes are offered at each branch. Kindly check their schedule at Instagram page. Update will be made monthly.

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Group room storage.

Machine area

Let’s take a look at machines area and free weight area last. Machines are all lined up Nautilus brand. Unlike other branches, all machines displayed kg not lbs here.

Chest press machine.

Rotary torso.

Abdominal machine.

Back extension stand.

Row machine.

Assisted chin and dip machine.

Leg press machine.

Abduction and adduction.

Leg curl, broken.

Pec fly and rear deltoid.

Shoulder press machine can move each arm.

Pull down machine.

Leg extension.

Low back machine.

Triceps press.

Biceps curl.  Well, one machine, glutes press machine only they do not have

Free weight area

Last one is free weight area, a bit crowded afternoon time on Saturday . Most members are local Thai people due to its location.

Cable compound machine with several attachment. Wish they could have MAG grip.

Dumbbell weight until 40kg with increment of 2.5kg. 3 incline benches are here. Be careful floor is a bit slippery in this gym.

Barbell plates are ZIVA brand, familiar to me since they are same ones used in some Jetts Fitness branches where I worked out before.

Cable attachment box.

Flat bench press and incline bench press.

Incline bench press stand.

Plate loaded leg press machine.

Glutes drive machine with plates.

Smaller dumbbells from 1 to 10kg and abs stand.

Seated calf with plate loaded.

Preacher curl and EZ bar.

They have 2 super smith machines here while other branches have only one as far as I know.

Chin and dip stand.

Kettle bells until 32kg.

EZ bar, Hex bar and straight bar 10kg, 15kg and 20kg.

Another smith machine and 2 power racks in front of mirror.

Close view of another smith machine.

Neck pad.

ZIVA Olympic bar 20kg, 2.2m

Other side view for power racks.

Cable machine.

Attachment box.

Ok, That’s all for the complete gym equipment review and picture of Fitness24Seven Phahon Yothin branch. Gym size is quite standard and normal for this brand gym so you can complete your daily routine here enough. Please try and have a fun workout!