Fitness24Seven Metropolis Samrong


Finally, I completed visit to all Fitness24Seven branches in Thailand.

Last one was Metropolis Samrong branch. This post shows full facility review of Samrong branch for your information. Samrong branch is the smallest club of all but it of course offers nice. complete facility as well as other branches.

In regard to general information about Fitness24Seven such as membership fee, please kindly refer to the post below.

Complete guide to Fitness24Seven in Thailand and newest branch Happyland

Location and direction of gym

Gym is located at 2nd floor of  The Metropolis Samrong Interchange condominium,  just right next to BTS Samrong station.

Exit 5 leads to The Metropolis Samrong.

Follow exit sign by elevator or stairs.

The Metropolis condominium from BTS station.

At ground floor they have Cafe Amazon.

Pre workout or meals can be found at Lawson 108.

It’s nice to live in this condo, you can go to gym directly without going outside. Currently PM2.5 is spreading worse in whole Thailand, that makes me have sore throat… When I stay in Thailand next, I should consider this kind of property.

Take elevator to 2nd floor of Condo for gym entrance.

Fitness24Seven Metropolis Samrong

On Friday is Banana day in all branches, you can get free banana at reception.

Gym brand merchandise, bag, bottle and shaker for sale.

Member card and finger scan for entry.

InBody machine is free for member use. They have apps to track the record.

Small member lounge.

This branch is actually smallest among of 7 branches in Thailand but they have enough set of training machines in gym.

No free cell phone charge machines in here while you can charge with your own charger in available plugs.

Some lockers are available in gym area. Or you can keep your stuff in the locker inside changing room. Locker door is locked by member card.

Vending machines for drinks.

Changing room

Toilets and changing room is left side from the entrance. Center door leads to men’s locker room actually, hehe.

Below is toilet space for disabled members. There is also shower facility together.

Next ones for interior of male changing room.

Tow toilet box inside the changing room.

Inside one of toilet box.

3 dryers and mirrors for styling.

More lockers and rest space inside. I like they have air conditioned also here in changing room.

6 shower booth for hot and cold shower only without bath amenities. Shower door is not locked,

Machine area

Next to entrance is machines area supported by Nautilous brand.

Over view of machine area.

Triceps press down machine.

Chest press.

For abdominal.

Low back.

Leg extension.

Adduction and Abduction.

Biceps curl. Good to train one arm each.

Leg press machine.

Seated row.

Lat pull down.

Rotary torso.

Shoulder press.

Pec fly and rear deltoid.

Lying leg curl.

Assisted chin and dip stand.

Group class room

Body pump items.


Storage room in group class.

Free weight area

Let’s move to free weight area where I mostly spend my time in gym.

Cable machine is placed in front of mirror. next to power racks.

2 power rack in front of mirror. This day was leg day for me to do squat.

Opposite side of larger free weight area crossing walk way in the middle.

Dumbbell area from 10kg to 40kg per 2.5kg increment.

Small dumbbells and barbell bar stand.

Cable compound machine. One side has cable for lat pull and seated row.

Flat bench stand without safety bar.

Chin and dip stand.

Cable attachment box.

Incline bench stand.

Plate loading leg press machine.

Seated calf, back extension and ab stand.

Preacher curl stand.

Kettle bells.

Smith machine with mirror.

Another cool water machine between free weight and cardio.

Cardio area

At the end of gym area, you can find cardio and stretching space.

Cross walker and boat machine.

Climb mils. Fitness24Seven cardio machines are not equipped with monitor for media. You need your own device to watch with free WiFi in the gym.

Tread mils.

Stretch area

Last one is for small stretch area.

Photo taking stand?

Box and stretch mat.

That’s all for complete gym facility review of Fitness24Seven Metropolis Samrong branch.

If you have chance to visit, please try!