Living cost in Bangkok July 2021


Hi, Everyone! This time, I would like to show you my living cost in July this time. As you might know, I live in Ladkrabang, Bangkok alone and I usually try to minimize the expense so that I can invest more to rely on the living cost from my investment not employment.

Total Expense in July, 2021

Total expense in July was only 18,814 THB in one month. The amount was quite low, one of reason is that I got refund of rent fee 5,500 last month. Actually my apartment owner and I completely misunderstood when the last month rent fee payment and I payed wrong in last month. Last month should be free based on my contract so I received refund of one month rent fee this time 5,500THB. And also I moved into new room in a condominium, the monthly fee is 7,600THB so the different of new rent fee and refund of one month rent fee of my old apartment shall be my housing cost in July.


Fitness – 2,490THB

Gym1,20014 months for 16,800THB
Supplement290Zinc  120 tablets

Fitness fee is almost same every month. thought gym is closed at this moment, I record here as my cost in July. My contracted gym, Jetts Fitess is not counting closure period as a membership period. Once they reopen the gym, they will extend my membership to cover total closed days.

Travel – 5,403THB

Transportation1,341Pattaya 5 times
Hotels4,062Pattaya 7 nights, Bangkok 2 nights

In July, I went to Pattaya 5 times for gym workout so I record transportation and hotel stay cost. I also stayed at Hilton Bangkok Sukhumvit 2 times during work from home days. sometimes, I do this so called staycation, just stay at the hotel in Bangkok then relax or use as my office for work-from-home.

Food –  5,003THB

Normally I cook myself so I do not spend that much for food. I consider the most about nutrition when it comes to food intake. Since I aim at fitness competitor in soon, I am very careful of food and nutrition to make my body. For somebody shares the same interest with me, I will make the post about food nutrition in this blog later.

Housing – 2,100THB

This month, housing cost is a little bit tricky since I received refund of one month for my old apartment, 5,500THB. And I moved into new room in Condominium. One bed room, 28m² Rent fee is 7,600THB including water heater, aircon and bed but excluding TV, microwave and refrigerator which I do not need. To remove these unnecessary stuff from the room, I got rent fee discount 300THB from 7,900THB original to 7,600THB.

Utilities – 1,822THB

Electricity1,113(8THB/unit, 130units used)
Water116(18/unit  4 units used minimum 6 units)
Phone26810GB by True
Server325for blogging

Utility cost is almost same as last month. I moved to condominium so from now on, I will pay bills directly to utility companies. Apartment normally charges the cost additionally to tenants so I expect my cost will be reduced from next month. Besides, I heard that the government will support household electricity bills so next month bills must be much lower than the bills in the apartment. I will report this in next month.

Others 1,697THB

Credit card720Citi prestige card, M gen card
Laundry8020THB 4 times
Clothes58Socks 2 pairs
Room transfer168Lalamove

Last is other miscellaneous cost in July. Transportation cost is a bit high, one time I took taxi from Leo stadium to home (340THB) and another time, I had to go to office by taxi (120THB) since I overslept… lol.

AFC Champions League 2021 BG Pathum united vs. Ulsan Hyundai at Leo Stadium VIP room

I used Lalamove to bring all my staff from my old apartment to new one. The cost is amazingly low only 168THB (5USD only). I will show how it was in another post for your reference.

Ok! That is the all for my expense summary in July 2021. This month I did not spend so much thanks(?) to Covid restriction. I will continue this lifestyle then save more to invest for my future living.

See you!