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This time, please let me introduce Fitness24Seven People Park Onnut branch where I currently do work out as home club. So far, I visited 5 clubs in Thailand and this branch is most spacious and has more equipment compared to other ones. They have 4 power racks, 2 set of bench press and incline bench press, rubber plates and also 2 set of each training machines.

I visited all 7 branches as of Dec 2023 and  confirmed People Park branch has twice bigger space and twice more equipment than other ones.

For general information such as membership fee of Fitness24Seven, please visit my previous post.

Complete guide to Fitness24Seven in Thailand and newest branch Happyland

Location and direction of gym

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Gym is advertised near BTS Onnut station but actually a bit far from there, around 1.5km away. You may take bus No. 519, 1013 or Song teaw 1013 opposite side of BIG C Onnut.

Below is bus and Song teaw spot to People Park where gym is located.

Gym is located 2nd floor of separated building inside People Park community mall. At 1st floor, they have medium sided Tops Market opening from 8:00 to 22:00.

Protein drinks in Tops

Gym is accessible via stairs or elevator. In front of elevator, you can buy protein drink in vending machine as below.

2nd floor whole space is occupied by Fitness24Seven branch. Gym is normally getting crowded after office work hours but you do not need to wait for machines to use since they have quite many of them inside vast areas.

Reception has staff from 8am to 10pm on weekday and 10am to 10pm on weekends.

Entrance verification needs card and finger scan. Gym area is quite large compared to other branches, stretching more than 100m from cardio to free weight area.

After the entrance gate, you will see men’s changing room as below.

Vending machines to sell water and protein.

Mobile charge is free to use up to one hour. You do not bring your own code type-C and lighting apple products.

Member lounge allowes to eat your workout prep.

Toilets accessible from gym area. Changing room also has separate toilets room inside.

Stretch area

At the back of reception, you can find small stretching area with some simple equipment.

Cardio area

They also have more cardio machines than other branches.

Boat machines and 4 climb mils.

Cross walkers

InBody machine to measure your body components free of charge of course.

Women’s changing room is next, they seem to have simple gym space also for women exclusive use.

Machine area

As mentioned many times already, this branch prepares 2 set of each machines unlike others so you don’t need to wait much to use specific machine. Machines, are all Nautilus brand, mostly shows weight scale as lbs.

Below cable machines, one shows kg scale while another one for lbs.

Punching stand with different height 3 types.

Another cable machine with kg scale. You can use some lockers here not going to changing room. These lockers are getting full especially during peak hours.

Overview of machines area connecting to free weight zone.

Let’s take a look at machines one by one. First one is leg press machines 2 set. Maximum weight is 400lbs, but I feel weight is much lighter than as it shows.

Leg extension 2 sets. max weight is 240lbs.

Abduction and Adduction machine 2 sets.

Chest press machines are set on side, 2 sets. both left and right moves separately so you can work out on each side if you like.

Leg curl machine 2 sets. This one also shows kg scale.

Glute press machine, max weight is 120lbs. Sorry this one only has one machine.

Water station is in the middle of machine area and in front of group class room. Total 3 water stations in the gym, one here and in cardio and free weight area also.

Pull down machine 2 sets offers both narrow and wide grip. max weight is 240lbs but I really feel light though.

Pec fly and rear deltoid machine 2 sets.

Assisted chin and dip machine 2sets.

Chin and dip stand 2 sets.

Machine area continues more and more!

in the middle of machines area, there is group class room and indoor cycling room as well. Group class schedule will be updated every month. Kindly follow official Instagram page for update. This branch offers more morning classes for early bird persons.

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Group studio

Group studio is always full with member for body combat, body pump, yoga, zumba etc. I sometime join yoga or core class to have relax and stretching purposes.

Storage room of class room.

Not all branches of Fitness24Seven has indoor cycling class. They have 3 classes per week so if you are interested, please check their schedule and have fun!

Getting back to machine area again, 55 for shoulder press machine 2 sets. This one also mobilize each side.

Back row machine, 2 sets. It’s good to have several grip positions for this machine.

Arm curl machine, 2 sets. I like to use this machine with one arm.

Triceps press machine 2 sets.

Another chest press machine 2 sets.

Low back machine 2 sets. Actually the machine at back can also allow ab crunch move.

Multifunctioned, low back and abdominal machine.

Abdominal machine 2 sets.

 Rotary torso machine 2 sets.

That’s all for machine area line-up. Again, this branch is so far the biggest of all Fitness24Seven gym in Thailand. If you are thinking to join, I highly recommend this branch for machines.

Free weight area

Last but not least, Let’s see free weight area as my favorite.

From left side, you can find cable compound machine for back, chest workout. One problem in Fitness24Seven is, their floor is so slippery. I usually put kettle bel on the floor to grip when using cable machine for chest and pull movement.

Kettle bell stand and barbell 10g, 15kg and 20kg.

Abdominal and back extension stand.

Seated calf and glute drive needs plate loading.

2 sets of leg press machine with plate loaded.

2 power racks, faced with window to outside. other 2 sets are in front of mirrors.

Other barbell set stand and EZ bar.

Rubber plates for cross fit training etc. from 5 to 25kg, they have 4 plates each.

Pull up stand. They also have battle rope and TRX rope here.

One super smith machine in front of mirror.

Other sets of power rack, next to smith machine. I prefer to work out here to check my form squat depth.

Dumbbell stand with  incline bench stand. Dumbbell weights until 40kg with increment 2 kg.

Preacher curl stand.

2 sets of bench press.

2 sets of incline bench stand.

Small dumbbell set from 1 to 10kg.

ZIVA plate stand from 1.25 to 25kg.

Barbell bar stand allows T bar row movement with bar.

Hex bar for back workout.

Changing room

2 toilets box inside of changing room.

Air conditioned locker room. To use locker, you also need membership card. Be careful, maximum use of locker is 6 hours only. Beyond this period, locker will be automatically locked and you need to contact staff to open. One day, I saw a guy talking with security guard out of staff hour for locked locker. Security staff cannot help you so you need to wait for staff comes next day in case you cannot open.

Shower door has no locks so be careful with yourself and your belongings when using shower. You need to bring your own shower items such as shampoo, body soap and towel.

Cold and hot shower can be used with good water pressure.