Coral Lounge at Don Mueang Airport (domestic)

Airport Lounge

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This article is to show the interior atmosphere and service of Coral Lounge at Don Mueang International Airport domestic terminal.

After security control, please go right side to follow the sign gate 50 to 56. By the way, this visit was made on March 2022. I also visited here many times, I will share other experience here too.

Entrance of Coral Lounge with many ads stand to show qualification of entry.

Not only Priority Pass, Lounge Key, Dragon pass, Credit card privilege and Phone company benefit allows you to enjoy the service. It says it costs 600 THB per person for walk in.

Showing boarding pass and proof of qualification to counter staff. Take WiFi password with you if needed.

I may be the first guests of the day at 6 am opening time, Seats are prepared around 30 on both sides. Miracle Lounge operates next. Normally Miracle Lounge has more guests so I prefer to be chilled here first then look at Miracle too later.

A la carte menu can be ordered to staff at specific time. I think this service already ceased at now.

Next to reception counter, they prepare for food at your own service.

Chocolate sereal and cornflakes for quick morning breakfast.

Hot coffee, orange and apple juice.

Breads, croissants and chocolate danish with jams sirup.

Toaster to reheat bread.

Twinings hot tea supports exclusively Coral Lounge.

Soft drinks, Coke, Coke zero, soda, Sprite and water.

Milk and panna cotta, chocolate on next. Chang beer is also available on request. I love that chocolate black and milk much, I cannot stop having when coming here.

Fruits and salad dishes are for healthier choice. It’s good that it was already assorted on plate so no need to arrange by myself one by one.

Sandwiched and salad canappe.

Here is the hot meal selection at the lounge each set is separated to small cup to respect COVID control measure.

Stir fried rice noodle.

Chicken soup with potato.

Stir fried fish with fresh chili

Egg fried rice and Jasmine rice.

Tomato sauce spaghetti, Spaghetti Carbonara and Baked Spinach with cheese.

Fried Chicken.

Inside lounge you can use rest room but no showers.

Charging station on the floor.

Look at my gorgeous breakfast equalss to 5 star hotel buffet. Thailand is a such paradise for airport lounge lover to find many great service during air flight. Don’t forget to have one qualified membership and indulge yourself into fancy time!