Living cost in Bangkok Jan, 2022


It’s already one month passed since year 2022 has started. I feel time flies so fast as getting  older and older. So as not to feel that I have not made any progress, I set short term goal such as preparation for bodybuilding contest so that when I look back at January month, I can say confidently that I made slow but consistent improvement on my body.

Anyway, as my usual record, I will memorize here my expenditure in January 2022. I hope this will help readers to get idea how much typical single man use in Bangkok life.

Total cost – 28,580 THB

Total cost in January a bit beyond my monthly budget 25,000 THB because the government announced tax deduction scheme for shopping. I bought sneakers and other necessary things this month to request income tax refund next year. If you are not familiar with this government support, you can read general guidance below so you can also enjoy reimbursement from tax office.



Gym2,80014 months for 16,800THB, 1200THB/month
Personal training 2 times (800THB/session)
Protein1,04420lbs (9kg) Whey protein 4,176THB
Supplement1,189Creatine 1kg 1,108THB for 7 months
Glutamine and BCAA 1,031THB
Tanning  lotion700
Training shoes1393

Let’s take a look one by one for my cost. First  one is money spending related to fitness, Fitness is most important part of my life so I do not save for what I need. From this month, I started to buy Glutamine to prevent muscle loss after workout. BCAA is also necessary for my pre workout supplement. Both costs around 500THB each. Tanning oil for Thailand Masters Games use.


2 Places visited in this month, Hatyai and Ratchaburi province on weekends only.

Hatyai is for bodybuilding competition while Ratchaburi, I wanted to cheer up my team BG Pathum United at Mitl Pol stadium as first game in 2022. Match report will follow below.

Transportation2,613Vietjet to Hatyai 2,070THB
Minivan to Ratchaburi 190THB
Grab 150+103THB
Airport van 60THB
Songteaw 40THB
Accommodation778Ratchaburi 1 night 506THB
Hatyai 1 night 272THB

Food – 5,350 THB

Food cost is relatively small in this month. As an amatuer bodybuilder, I normally cook by myself and eat same food to easily track my body transformation day by day. Even though I live in Thailand, where one of best local food is offered in the world, I seldom eat such food which I cannot control ingredients and nutrition balance.

Housing – 7,600 THB

I live in low rise condominium, one bed room 28㎡. I really like my current room and just enough for me.

Utilities – 1,121 THB

Electricity421(109 kWh used)
Water54(18/unit  3unit used)
Phone32110Mbps Unlimited

I do not use air condition much in my room, normal a couple of hours only when I stay wake up. And shower is only user for water not heated.

Others – 3,992 THB

I have other cost spent much for this month as below.

Credit card720Citi prestige card, M gen card
Hair cut300
Entertainment170Soccer ticket 170THB
Towel1382 pieces
Kitchen paper towel49
Mask25585THB per 50 mask * 3 box
Salon pass135
small bag77
Plastic case7
Tooth brush582 pieces