Living Cost in Bangkok Oct 2021 -

Living Cost in Bangkok Oct 2021


Welcome back to my blog! This time I will record here my expenditure result for October, 2021. For your information first, I live in Bangkok alone in a one-bed room, condominium. Basically I do not spend much to save money for investment.

Total cost – 21,760

Total cost that I spent on October was 21,760 THB. This cost result is quite good, normally I set target 25,000 THB per month.

Fitness 2,402
Travel 1,409
Food 6,121
Housing 7,600
Utilities 1,122
Others 3,106
Total 21,760

Fitness – 2,402

Gym 1,200 14 months for 16,800THB, 1200THB/month
Protein 1,044 20lbs (9kg) Whey protein 4,176THB
Supplement 158 Creatine 1kg 1,108THB for 7 months

Gym membership for Jetts Fitness is one time annual fee but I record here as monthly expenditure 1,200 per month. And last month I bought supplement, Protein and Creatine. Usually I buy 20lbs protein one time then use up in a 4 months. Creatine intake is 5g only for one day, which takes around 7 months to finish.

In Thailand, I recommend you use below website to purchase fitness supplement, you can find protein and other workout supplement at reasonable price for free delivery. ผู้นำด้าน เวย์โปรตีน อาหารเสริม อุปกรณ์ออกกำลังกาย รายใหญ่ที่สุดในประเทศไทย
ผู้นำด้าน อาหารเสริมสร้าง กล้ามเนื้อ เวย์โปรตีน ของแท้ คุณภาพสูง รับรองมาตรฐานการผลิตและความปลอดภัยจากสถาบันชั้นนำระดับโลก ของแท้ 100% จากสหรัฐอเมริกา

Travel – 1,409 THB

This month, I did not go out for a provincial trip. Since gyms in Bangkok reopened from October, 2021, I do not need anymore to go to other province for gym workout every week. I just stayed at Hilton Sukhumvit one time as staycation this month so I record only this as travel cost.

Hotels 1,409 Bangkok 1 time

Food – 6,121 THB

Normally I purchase food ingredient at supermarket and cook by myself so the amount for food is relatively small compared to other person I think. Since I started to cook my own way, I seldom go out to dine in restaurants, maybe one or two times only per month I do.

Housing – 7,600 THB

My house is for one bed room in a condominium 28m². This room is very enough when I spent my spare time and rest time.

Utilities – 1,122 THB

Utility bills are not changed from past months. My electricity bills are also small compared to other person, I use air conditioning only when I stay awake. Water bill is same every month, phone and server for blogging is as well.

Electricity 422 (115kWh used)
Water 54 (18/unit  3unit used)
Phone 321 10Mbps Unlimited
Server 325

Others – 3,106 THB

Other cost is as below, Credit card annual fee is divided into 12 months same as gym membership when recorded as monthly cost. Mainly I use bus and MRT only for transportation inside Bangkok.

Credit card 720 Citi prestige card, M gen card
Laundry 120 40THB 3 times
Transportation 1207
Massage 420 2 times
Entertainment 500 Soccer ticket 160THB,220THB
Movie 120THB
Detergent 139
Cotton 22
Deodorant 79


I am very satisfied with the result of this month October, I could save enough amount for investment in US stock that performance is getting better these days. I will let money works more so that I can achieve financially freedom in a few years.

I got go to gym now! See ya!