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How much does full-time bodybuilder in Bangkok spend for a daily meal?


Living cost in Bangkok, June 2022

Half year already passed for year 2022. As usual, I will make my living cost summary post for June, 2022. Total cost - ...

Living cost in Bangkok May, 2022

Welcome back to! This is another my regular post for living cost in Bangkok, Thailand for May 2022. I ho...

Living cost in Bangkok Apr, 2022

Good evening, everyone! As my regular post in this blog, I will make my expenditure summary for April, 2022 for my Bangk...

Living cost in Bangkok Mar, 2022

This is regular post about my expenditure of my monthly living cost in Bangkok, Thailand. In march, I spent 29,776THB in...

Living Cost in Bangkok, Feb 2022

Another month passed in year 2022! In February, I jouned fitness competition then started bulk up program to make my mus...

Living cost in Bangkok Jan, 2022

It's already one month passed since year 2022 has started. I feel time flies so fast as getting  older and older. So as ...

Living Cost in Dec, 2021

Since December, 2021 was already passed, I record here for my living expense as usual for your readers' idea how much ty...

Living Cost in Bangkok Nov 2021

Hello. everyone! December month already came and year 2021 is coming to the end. As usual, I will record my expense summ...

Living Cost in Bangkok Oct 2021

Welcome back to my blog! This time I will record here my expenditure result for October, 2021. For your information firs...