Living Cost in Bangkok Sep 2021


This is my regular post, I will record my living cost in September, 2021. This might be an idea how much will be needed for single man living and working in Bangkok.

Total expense – 24,813 THB


Total expense for my life in September is 24,813 THB. This amount is my standard expense amount in a month.

Fitness – 1,799 THB

Gym1,79914 months for 16,800THB, 1200THB/month
Buriram gym 199/day, 1 time
Nakhon Sawan 200/day, 2 times

1,200 THB is monthly amount for my club, Jetts fintess. Additionally I went to Buriram gym 1 time and gym in Nakhon Sawan 3 times (first time was free trial).

You can read my post about gyms in Buriram and Nakhon Sawan.

Whole body workout with fully equipped gym, Fit Fit Fit Fitness Buriram
Brand new opened, modern style gym in Nakhon Sawan "Tiger's fitness"

Travel – 5,343 THB

Transportation1,871Buriram 1 time, Nakhon Sawan 3 times
Hotels3,272Buriram 1 night, Nakhon Sawan 3 nights
Bangkok 2 nights
Event tickets200Soccer ticket

For my weekend trip for gym work out, in September, I went to Buriram one time and 3 times to Nakhon Sawan. Transportation mainly is used via Train, buses and mini vans. I seldom use taxi for my transportation since it is not economic way.

3rd class non aircon train trip from Bangkok to Buriram
Resumed long distance bus trip to Nakhon Sawan for weekend gym workout!

Food – 7,249 THB


I make food mostly by myself not eating much outside, this is to control nutrition to intake to my body for coming fitness competition.

Housing – 7,600 THB

My condominium costs 7,600 THB per month. This is a bit cheaper since my area is in Ladkrabang area east end of Bangkok.

Utilities – 1,170 THB

Electricity409(111kWh used)
Water54(18/unit 3unit used)
Phone38210Mbps Unlimited

Electricity bill for me is actually low compared to normal use, I think. I do not air condition while sleeping and use only cold water for shower. I am used to this style since I lived in the Philippines before to save electricity bill as much.

Others – 1,652 THB

Credit card720Citi prestige card, M gen card
Laundry8040THB 2times
Eyeglass5614,561 THB total, 4000THB company support
Dental(1000)Decay treatment and filling

Other miscellaneous cost is above. I count credit card annual fee monthly above. In my company, every year each staff has eye glass purchase support up to 4,000 THB so I bought this year also. Not necessarily but my eyeglass collection is getting more and more every year.

Broom I bought new one since I threw away old one when I moved to new room. When finding household chore items, I go to Mr. DIY since they offer many stuff in a very cheap price. I recommend Mr. DIY for readers to buy stuff for daily living. You might find what you need in economical price.

And last is dental fee… finally I finished my pending treatment for all bad points. Dental fee is reimbursed by the company so I will not count as my expense here.


Ok, that’s is the all my expense in September. From next month, October, I do not need to have weekend trip just for gym workout since all gyms in Bangkok is open. So travel cost will be reduced from next month. Let’s see and how much I can save for my investment for early retirement.

See ya!