Living cost in Bangkok May, 2022


Welcome back to! This is another my regular post for living cost in Bangkok, Thailand for May 2022. I hope this post will help readers get ideas how much typical single man spend a month.

Total cost – 28,503 THB


Total cost for May, 2022 was 28,503 THB, the amount was a bit higher than my budget target 25,000 THB per month but actually now I am considering this amount is acceptable for monthly cost.

Fitness – 4,911 THB

Gym2,90014 months for 16,800THB, 1200THB/month
Personal training 2 times (800THB/session)
Gym in Buriram 100 THB
Protein1,21050lbs (9kg) Whey protein pay for 10 months
Supplement801Vitamin C 335 THB 62 tablets
Multi vitamin 466 THB 60 tablets  *2

I started to take Vitamin C as supplement , following advice from my trainer to improve my stomach condition and heal diarrhea. Vitamin C works to curb harmful bacteria inside intestine to help digest nutrition from food intake. I just wanted readers to know that diarrhea is severe disease for body making, it means that your body cannot digest food and circulate nutrition to whole body. Since I started to take Vitamin C, I seldom have diarrhea symptom and feel better my body condition. There will be several reasons why you have diarrhea. If you think you do not have chance to take Vitamin C regularly, please try to take it consciously.

Travel – 5,969 THB

Transportation1,550Pattaya bus round trip 130 THB*2
Hua hin bus round trip 294 THB*2
Songteaw in Pattaya 10 THB *2
Hua Hin Songteaw 10 THB *3
Mini van Bangkok to Chonburi 110 THB
Motor bike in Chonburi 50 THB
Mini van Chon buri to Chanthaburi 180 THB
Mini van Chanthaburi to Trat 70 THB
Bus Trat to Bangkok 252 THB
Accommodation4,419Pattaya one night 3,798 THB
Hua hin one night 301 THB
Trat one night 320 THB

This month, I took one night trip to Pattaya, Hua hin and Trat done by land transport for all. Since I stayed at luxurious hotel at Pattaya for Hilton Pattaya hotel, travel cost was increased by this hotel fee.

Food – 5,888 THB

Food cost is normal as other months. I normally cook by myself for what bodybuilder should eat. On the other hand, restaurant and street food is far from my eating habit since i cannot control ingredients for body.

Housing – 7,600 THB

My rent is one bed room for low rise condominium.

Utility – 1,144 THB

Electricity481(126 kWh used)
Water36(18/unit  2unit used)
Phone32110Mbps Unlimited
Server306for blog

I paid server fee for another year for my blog. Payment is one time for a year but I record here, divided into 12 months.

Others – 2,991 THB

Credit card720Citi prestige card, M gen card
Transportation793Bangkok only
Hair cut300one time
Entertainment         398Soccer ticket 100 THB, 123 THB, 175 THB
Condolence         500For office mate’s family funeral
Dental(4,400)Filling 900THB
Root canal treatment 3,500THB (1st time)

I started another root canal treatment for my tooth… this month. I have one more left for treatment so my cost will be counted in following months. My company support such medical fee up to 10,000 THB per year so I do not count this month cost as my expenditure.

Ok! that’s is all for my all expense for May, 2022. Cost total is quite normally amount for this month. I expect to have smaller cost in next month since I do not have any planned activities, just focus on my fitness training.

See ya!