J League Asia Challenge 2023/2024 BG Pathum United vs. Cerezo Osaka at BG stadium


As a part of J League promotional strategy to Asian countries, they have friendly matches against local teams every year. This year 2023 also, J League teams come to Thailand for exhibition match. 1st game was held between Muangthong United vs. Consadole Sapporo. I could not make schedule for 1st game but I managed to get a ticket for 2nd game in Feb 2nd 2024.

2023/2024 Asia Challenge Thailand | J.LEAGUE
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Game 2 BG Pathum United vs. Cerezo Osaka

  • Kick off 19:00 Feb 2nd 2024
  • BG stadium at Pathum Thani, Thailand

Ticket information

Tickets are on sale now. BG Pathum season ticket holder can book in advance while other fans and away fan can start booking in 2 days.

  • 8th Jan 2024 14:00- BG season ticket holder
  • 10th Jan 2024 14:00- general fan and away fan (Cerezo Osaka)

Ticket price by category

  • Need sign up for purchase
  • One time purchase per account
  •  Up to 4 tickets per purchase
  • Payment by credit card or QR code

Home ticket link

BGPU | J-League Home 2023/24

Away team ticket

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10 minutes before general ticket sale starts on 10th Jan 14:00, I stand by to click purchase link. My target was main stand seats W1 or W3. Since W3 sale was already started 2 days ago for season pass fans and might be sold out already, I focused on W1 ticket for Cerezo Osaka away side.

At 14:00 sharp, I clicked link then tried to buy W1 ticket…

W1 is full already?? Impossible to buy it, I had a minute only to process… I assume official didn’t allocate slot at all for online sale😡

I changed my strategy and looked for W3 ticket BG side.

Fortunately many seats still are left. I selected seat near the center then completed payment by QR code. Only W1 and W3 areas are fixed seat while others are free seating first come first serve.

For stadium entry, you jut need to show QR code in login page of ticket purchase. Don’t forget to receive food and drink coupon they distribute to all ticket holders at match day.

How to go to stadium

Bus No. 538

Easiest way to go to BG stadium from Bangkok is to take bus No. 538 from Victory Monument. Bus ride will be around 1 hour 10 minutes to the stadium. Cost was 25THB per way one year ago.

AFC Champions League 2021 BG Pathum united vs. Ulsan Hyundai at Leo Stadium VIP room

Shuttle bus service


From 2023 – 2024 season, BGPU arranges free shuttle bus service from nearby transportation spot at every home game day. Service time depends on kick off time so please check trip schedule on Facebook or Instagram official page.

For Feb 2nd schedule.

  • To stadium 16:30, 17:00 and 18:00
  • From stadium 21:30 and 22:00

Pick up and drop off point.

  1. Future Park Rangsit Rosinson side
  2. PTT gas station near BTS Khu Khot station

I will use shuttle bus service after the game.

Free shuttle bus ride from PTT gas station near BTS Khu Khot

On match day, I took BTS to last station then tried to take free shuttle bus from PTT gas station near BTS Khu Khot station.

Pick up point is 500m away from BTS station. Please go out from exit No.3 then walk straight to PTT station.

Walk straight this way.

Green color bus is parked already at PTT gas station.

I arrived at 16:25 here, 5 minutes to go for first trip but BGPU staff told me that bus departs at 17:00 pm sharp. I am not sure if first bus trip already was gone or cancelled due to few passengers because it was Friday, weekday.

No worries, you can kill time here, they have Seven eleven, KFC, Cafe Amazon and so on.

I just finished toilet and decided to wait inside bus for departure. Bus has 40 seats around.

Staff requested me to fill in the form with name and phone number. Below ticket was given to use bus again after the game.

Free seating, only 50 percent full when boarding to departure.

I could charge my phone to USB port on the seats after bus departure. Unfortunately port was not working on returning trip.

TV news program is on air inside.

Bus departed a bit earlier from 17:00 pm, slowly on Lam Lukka road then turn left on Klong 4W road.

Stadium is almost near when seeing Market Village Rangsit.

30 minutes ride ends here at the back of cafe “The Rabbits”. Returning trip also starts from here.

At stadium

Heading for stadium!

Many fans gathered in front of the stadium for food stall, club team good shopping and sponsor booth events.

Cerezo Osaka original merchandise is on sale for exclusively on this game day.

To buy food and drinks, you need to get coupon first.

Ticket holder can get below voucher to exchange for food.

Rice box with 2 side dishes and one drink for my voucher exchange.

Asian challenge poster this year including 4 team players from Japan and Thailand.

Entering the stadium

Let’s get inside stadium with your stomach packed.

Bottles, bin and can cannot be brought inside. You can put on the desk at gate.

Toilets inside of stadium.

My seat at 1st floor W3 zone.

One hour before game starts. Cerezo Osaka team players prepares for the match.

View from my seat. Newly built back stand area looks ready for welcoming more supporters.

S1, S2 zone on right side. S1 zone, Lower stand is always full with ardent BGPU fans.

Away supporters seats on left side. This day, main stand W1 zone is also for away team, Cerezo Osaka fan’s use. It was not on public sale as I could not purchase online, covered with fans invited by sponsors.

I found Shinji Kagawa No.8, former Japan national team No.10.

Soon after BGPU players came out for practice session. Thai star player Chanatip also included in squad today.


KIck off