Together trip by True Bangkok United vs. PT Prachuap at Sam Ao stadium


Welcome back to!

True Bangkok United FC, Thai League 1 team which I support, normally organizes away trip.

This time, I joined trip to Prachuap Khiri Kahn province against PT Prachuap. I already went thier home stadium before so this time was sefond time to go Sam Ao stadium in Prachuap.

You can also refer to my trip post before by Bangkok United FC.

True Bangkok United Away trip! vs. PT Prachuap at Sam Ao stadium
True Bangkok United Together trip goes to Nakhon Si Thammarat province for FA cup round 64

Registration and schedule

Registration link by google form was announced in thier official Facebook page 3 days before. Please check if you would like to join.


Trip fee

  • Away team ticket 200THB
  • Trip fare 200THB

Annual ticket holder and True company staff are exempted for trip fare.


3 December 2023

  • 10:00 Pick up at Thammasart Stadium
  • 11:00 Pick up at Thai Japan stadium gate 3
  • 16:00 Sightseeing
  • 17:00 Arrive at Stadium
  • 19:00 Kick off
  • 22:00 Leave stadium
  • 3:00 (Dec 4) Back to Pick up point

Bus trip

Same as always, I walked to Thai Japan stadium by walk from Prathunam area. Since it was Sunday and holiday on next day, lots of fans jouned this time trip around 20 persons.

Cute motorbike driver costume cat near stadium

Thai Japan stadium gate 3

Bus arrived 10:45 sharp. due to large number of participants, 2 buses were arranged by team, onE from Thammasart and another from here.

Thank you for great care always by True Bangkok United. Free snacks and water are distributed to all. Ticket and trip fare was also collected by staff.

Bus goes passing on Chao Phra ya river to Rama 2 road. We also picked up 2 persons at Rama 2 road. It seems they can arrange such special treatment pick up if it is on the way.

Bus stops at PTT gas station every several hours for food and toilets.

At second stoo, we joind another bus from Thammasart.

Fans having lunch at gas station.

Bus trip is always comfortable to occupy 2 seats inside air conditioned bus. You can also charge portable devices by USB port under armrest.

This time, we came earlier to our destination so we had fun time to have sightseeing in tourist spot.

Nice bridge towards sea. The place in city center also having night market where local residents come to get dinner.

At 16:30, we came to stadium finally! Most of trip time, I was deeply sleeping 555.

Welcoming player bus to stadium.

Before kick off time, I was walking around the area to Seven Eleven and Makro shopping center nearby.

One hour to kick off, I returned to the stadium and got away ticket at mobile shop staff at Bangkok United.

Away stand behind goal. Food and drinks in bottle are allowed to bring hehe.

Warming up to the match.

Our ardent BUFC fans.

Home team supporters gathered at back stand seats.

Kick off

Kick off got a bit late from 19:00.

Most of the time, we hold and attacked to Prachuap but no goals scored until very end.

At 84′ finally we scored decisive goal and fans ran crazy for it!!

Game over, won by 1-0 score for us. We are still on top of this season’s Thai league 1. I hope we can continue good performance to win the league title first ever!

Back to Bangkok

After the game, we also sent off our brave players to bus and got home. I remember bus stopped at PTT one time for dinner, maybe one more time while I was sleeping.

Same as morning time, some fans got off at Rama 2 road and all other at Thai Japan stadium. Be careful, bus goes mostly on tollway inside Bangkok so you cannot leave trip on the way.

At 3 am, I walked from stadium to Central world for an hour. It was not dark so I could reach safely to get bus on Sukhumvit road.