Nutrition and workout preparation for bodybuilding competition of E-san Classic on Feb 2022


At the year end of 2021, TBPA (Thailand Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Association) announced coming competition event in 2022 as below.

  • Thailand Open Masters Games 15-16th January (Registered)
  • E-san Classic 5-6th February (will register)
  • Mr. Thailand 8-10th April

Mr. Thailand is the biggest contest in Thailand for bodybuilding competition but unfortunately this can be attended only for Thai nationals so I set my target for E-san Classic, regional competition of North east areas of Thailand.

For upcoming show day in a month, I will apply the strategy which is different from what I did for the competition. This is because I would like to try another way to find much suitable preparation method for me before the competition. And my current condition is also different from last time. In December, I had to reduce at least 5 kg to pass weight-in at the event day while Now my weight is already below target weight 75kg so I do not need radical diet method by reducing my calorie intake week by week and water amount per day.

You can read my competition preparation for last time.

Preparation for bodybuilding competition 【Nutrition and workout】
This time, I would like to reveal what I have done towards fitness competition particularly in last month.

Workout plan

For the coming month to E-san classic, I continue my regular workout routine. I separate my body part to 3 then I do each part training every 3 days.

  1. Chest, shoulder and triceps day
  2. Leg day
  3. Back and biceps day

Each day, I start from compound workout which requires more than one joint movement such as squat, bench press, deadlift. Weight I use is as much heavy as I can carry for 3 set, 10- 12 repetition that I can do. To build a muscle, it is obvious that you have to increase your handling weight to stress your muscle more to get bigger when recovered. So I always try to increase my weight but not that much. I handle the weights which I can lift with right posture so I can exactly focus on my target muscle.

Above is my workout routine in normal days. I stay gym around 2 hours to complete each part exercise.

Besides, I resumed cardio exercise since I want to reduce fat especially around my belly to show abs more. I do cardio one hour on treadmill after my regular workout. Intensity is 5.4km per hour and inclined 10.5 degree to climb on gentle slope. This cardio menu burns 600kcal at matrix treadmill calculation.

In last month, I did more cardio to fit to the competition weight and for final week (peak week) I did light weight but high repetition training as advised by my trainer since I significantly reduced the intake of carb. I plan not to do this way since I am also not thinking to decrease carb amount for next competition.

Meal plan

Basically what I eat is same from last time. From January 1st, I started to take below meal for my nutrition then will adjust the amount reflecting to the progress of my weight and fat percent.

I eat exactly same food every day, separated into 5 or 6 times per day.

  1. White rice 100g, Whole egg 2, egg white 8 (8am)
  2. White rice 100g, Chicken breast 200g and broccoli 60g (12pm)
  3. Chicken breast 200g (4pm)
  4. White rice 100g, Chicken breast 200g, broccoli 60g and Olive oil 5g (7pm)
  5. Banana (during workout)
  6. Oatmeal 30g, Cashew nuts 30g, Mixed berry 20g and Whey protein 35g (10pm)

Supplement is also necessary to compliment nutrition which I cannot take from food, such as Multivitamin, fish oil and Zinc are the ones I take. Before and during workout, I take Creatine and BCAA also.

Progress at first week

Here is the summary of my workout and nutrition plan for next target competition in a month.

  • Workout – Free weight training 2 hours and one hour cardio
  • Meal – 2,200kcal per day

As a result of above plan at first week, the progress was quite favorable as below, within 6 days, I already reduced 3 kg. This pace is actually a bit high as I thought to prepare for competition in a month. So maybe I might increase my carb intake to the body to slow down weight loss progress.

My weight was reduced around 3kg from 76 to 73kg in a week.


As I explained above, so far the progress is very good so I consider not to take any other means such as carb deplete/up and water, salt deplete. I will keep current program then see the progress. If needed to adjust slightly, I will.

Next competition is big milestone for me not as last time in Phuket. Phuket one was first time for me so I had no idea how to prepare before the day and how I should behave on the stage. Now, I experienced one event by myself and became confident and ready for next venture. I will be top 5 winners of the event. This is my target for E-san classis at Sisaket province. Please support me and sheer up to achieve my goal!

See ya!