True Bangkok United Together trip to Mahasarakham for Revo cup round of 32


Welcome back to!

On Dec 6th 2023 I joined trip to Mahasarakham province organized by True Bangkok United so I leave my experience here. True Bangkok United is always preparing away game trip so if you are interested, please join next time on Dec 17th to Trat.

Together trip to Mahasarakham


Trip details are updated several days before match day. Please check their official FB page for registration.


Trip fare

The cost you need to shoulder is as below. For Annual home game ticket holder and True company staff are exempted to pay trip fare 250THB.

  • Away team ticket 120THB
  • Trip fare 250THB

Annual season pass ticket is 750THB only to watch around 20 home games in Thammasat stadium (100THB value per match). Quite cheap for watching game at live and joining away trip.



December 6th 2023

  • 5:30 Departure from Thai Japan stadium gate 3
  • 6:45 Departure from Thammasat stadium
  • 14:00 Sightseeing at Mahasarakham province
  • 17:00 Arrive at Mahasarakham stadium
  • 18:00 Kick off
  • 20:30 Leave stadium
  • 3:00 (Dec 7th) back at pick up point

Trip to Mahasarakham province

As usual, I walked from Central world to Thai Japan stadium 3km at 4am in the morning, haha. This place is quite bright even this time with dog free on the road so I can walk at night time.

4:50 am, I arrived at gate 3 of Thai Japan stadium, True Bangkok bus is already stand by there and staff is preparing for departure.

Since trip day falls on weekday and quite far from Bangkok, less than 20 persons registered for trip this time. Thanks to lower number of registration, True company changed to VIP bus this time to provide much more comfortable road trip to fans!

Seat arrangement is, I think same as those used by team players bus.

Seat map for VIP bus

I picked solo separated seat.

VIP seat has massage function as well, 555.

Tray table and 2 USB charging port.

2 seats on other side.

Team logo embedded on the leather seat.

Bus also has fridge and microwave on the back.

Once all registered fans hopped in, we moved to Thammasat stadium inside the Thammasat University at 6:30.

Pick up at Thammasat stadium

At 7:20 am, we came to stop at rest area on the road for breakfast in Ayutthaya province where they have nice Japanese style shrine models as below.

Food court area for breakfast time.

Thank you so much for great care again by True Bangkok United, I got snacks and water from team staff!.

Bus stops at PTT gas station every 2 hours for toilet and snack break.

Another break time.

3rd break time. It’s good to have regular break time for driver to take rest.

Around 12:00 noon time, we came to stop by local restaurant to have lunch.

PTT gas station featured London city, hehe.

14:43, Bus reached one of major tourist spot in Mahasarakham province Wat Pa Wang Nam Yen.

Suddenly gigantic wooden structure came into eyes!

Main entrance gate is supported by huge wood pole. This temple has also main building with constructed by wood more than 130 which made biggest wooden temple in Thailand.

Front side of main hall of temple. I just observed Thai people buying incense sticks and flowers to put and pray for good fortune.

Wooden object inside the temple.

For prayers.

I don’t know what is this for at all hehe, prayers came here to register something on the document.

Stairs to main hall, look at the size of each wood used to build this beautiful building.

Naga statue at the main hall.

Cute elephant motif door knob.

Spacious main hall.

Meticulous artwork does not bore me to stare at.

Under the main hall is like this.

555, very first time to see mobile ATM car in Thailand.

They have huge pagoda also on the other side. Since we are running of time, I quit visiting this.

15:45, we finally arrived at Mahasarakham statium, located in local sports complex.

Stadium from bus. Normally, I walk around stadium before match starts. However this stadium is very isolated from commercial spots and spotted in the middle of forest, I had to stay their realm for long time.

Always taking picture of local stadium toilets. Toilets can be accessed from outside. Below is toilets in main stand. Back stand also has toilets where away supporters can use.

Bring toilet paper always when you come to province in Thailand.

True Bangkok United is one of biggest team in Thai league 1st tier and they have lots of fans not only in Bangkok but all over Thailand. For fans in province, They deliver team merchandise in huge mobile shop every time.

Main entrance of Mahasarakham stadium, waiting for players’ arrival.

Mahasarakham team shop.

Ticket booth and shop for snacks. Mahasarakham SBT FC is currently joining tier 3 of Thai football league.

Back stand view.

Main stand with roof and also separated chair.

I got ticket from True team staff to put on the wrist. Ticket fare was 120THB, collected before reaching stadium. In Thai football, away ticket is most expensive except VIP box and we are forced to sit at far point of stadium 555. That’s how we welcome away team supporters in Thailand.

16:15, True Bangkok team bus arrived at the stadium! Players came by airplane one day before and stayed at hotel inside the city.

Cheering up our brave players to win as always.

Players responding to fans.

Kids got signature!

After we welcomed players to the stadium, we moved to back stand for away team supporters seat.

Warm up phase is done and stadium is getting crowded as time goes. other side of back stand is occupied by Mahasarakham supporters. our area is also full it seems true Bangkok United has many fans in this province.

Back stand has no seat nor backrest so my ass was really painful 55.

Kick off

Ready for kick off!

We scored first at 23′ of first half! True Bangkok could make a goal more.

Fish ball sells a lot during half time.

Game restarted! at 55′ Chananan socred next by 2-0.

True Bangkok United made decisive goal at 84′ to 3-0.

Game is over by 3-0 for our victory to proceed to next round of 16 to win league cup title.

Big applauds to Mahasarakham SBT FC for fighting hard against us.

Returning trip

After sending off players from the stadium, we headed back to Bangkok at passing 21:00.

Dinner break soon after leaving stadium at PTT gas station.

Thank you again, I got another snack set from team staff.

Bus stops regularly as well on returning trip while mostly I slept inside the bus.

3am, we came back to Thammasat stadium first.

After 30 mins all fans got off from bus at Thai Japan stadium at 3:30 am.

From stadium, I walked back to Central world by one hour to get 24 hour running city bus on Sukhumvit road. Again, thank you so much for providing always wonderful trip by True Bangkok United, especially staff and bus driver. I truly appreciate their hard work to make this happen. Looking forward to join next time to Trat on Dec 17th.