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This post is to introduce the service of Sakura Lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok Thailand. Normally, I use Japan Airlines to go back to my home. Every time I use Japan Airlines, I also use their lounge, “Sakura Lounge” at the airport.

Below pictures are taken when I took Business class Japan Airlines April 2022 to go back to Japan. I will also update info when I have chance to revisit the lounge.

Sakura Lounge at Suvarnabhumi airport

  • Opening hours : 3 hours before Japan Airlines flight only
  • Eligibility : One world Sapphire member up or Premium economy class up

Check-in to Japan Airlines

I checked in at first around 5:30 in the morning. Thanks to my One world Emerald elite status, I could use First Class counter with no waiting.

Business class and up passenger can use fast track lane.

Direction of Sakura Lounge

After immigration control, please go right side and go down one floor near gate D.

Not that much crowded in early morning.

JAL Sakura Lounge and other lounges in Suvarnabhumi are all located at lower level after immigration control.

End of escalator, you will see Qatar Airways lounge. This lounge’s eligibility is higher, only business class and up passengers are allowed to enter so elite status of One world group does not suffice. Lounge was actually closed at this time. You can also see my review of Qatar Lounge below.

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Sakura Lounge is at the back of escalator. Turn around once you stepped down on this floor..

Operating hours of lounge changes depending on JAL flight schedule. In case you are boarding on other One world group airlines, please check JAL flight time also.

Entrance of Sakura Lounge

Lounge map I got at check-in counter.

I entered the lounge as first guest of the day so I could take photo freely.

Middle sized lounge offers around 200 seats for solo and family use with dark colored sofa chair and table. It is not so fancy but simple and calm atmosphere you can feel.

Below is right side of the lounge. besides window seats are designed mostly used by solo traveler, watching airplanes take off.

Lounge atmosphere

In front of meal counter, there is table dining area with brighter color decoration.

Separated sofa seats area on left side of the lounge. Charging outlet is installed for all seats.

Close view of window seats.

Trash box.

Dawn comes while walking around the lounge to take photos.

This phone booth is very unique, Japanese style to refrain taking over the phone in public.

Steel made dolls decoration.

Meticulous wooden made cockpit of airplane.

Below board explains air circulation technology inside airplane.

Bookshelf is empty not to share newspaper and magazines with other people to spread virus.

Before COVID time, meal was served as buffet style. After COVID-19 wide spread time, it was changed that meal must be ordered at the counter then staff will arrange plates for each guest. This style even continues in 2023.

Face musk must be worn anytime in the lounge. This rule was already lifted in 2023.

Meal counter

Meal counter for order. Food allergy information is displayed for specific needs.

You cannot miss famous JAL curry and Japanese dish (gozen) set here.

Cup noodle with pork, seafood or tom yam flavor.

Lays snack 10THB, 555. Not allowed to bring food outside.

Banana muffin, Belgian chocolate biscuit and Custard bread.

Cheese sandwiches, Cinnamon roll and Honey oatmeal biscuit.

Numerous Japanese alcohol drinks, beer, sake are available in bar counter. Please ask staff to serve for you.

Japanese sake brand is changing every month.

I just like to drink cold green tea and Pocari sweat here, hehe.

Here comes my Japanese set, Mentaiko (spicy pollack roe) tasted good especially.

Cookies and beans.

You cannot miss famous JAL curry.

Locker, shower room and toilets

Locker space is available for lounge users in front of reception. I never used before maybe you can just set up password by yourself same as Sakura Lounge in Japan.

3 shower rooms in the lounge. You need key to open from reception.

Inside is a bit small, you have shower booth and basin.

Hair dryer and towel is prepared.

Hand sanitizer.

No smoking of course in shower room. Actually There is no smoking space inside Suvarnabhumi airport anymore.

Shampoo, body gel and conditioner brand is “Akaliko” Aroma brand in Thailand.

Our Brand


No smoking of course in toilets, 555.

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