Local bus trip from Suvarnabhumi airport to Don Mueang airport


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This time, I will introduce to you how to go to Suvarnabhumi airport to Don Mueang airport vice versa by local bus No. 554 or 555.

I already made article about free shuttle bus between two airport. Free shuttle bus can be used only if you have air ticket from arriving airport. If not, please try local bus ride, referring to this post!

Free shuttle bus from Suvarnabhumi airport to Don Mueang airport

Airport to airport trip now got easier thanks to development of train transportation so you can actually move to other airport by train only, costs around 106 THB one way.

Train route

  • Airport Rail LinkSuvarnabhumi airport to Makkasan (35 THB)
  • MRTPetchaburi station to Bangue (38 THB)
  • SRT Red LineKrung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal to Don Mueang airport (33 THB)

Between Airport Rail Link & MRT and MRT & SRT Red Line, You have to walk around 10 to 15 minutes.

Unlike train trip, local but trip costs only 1/3 of train trip (34 or 37 THB) so if you want to save more budget, please consider local bus trip.

Local bus from Suvarnabhumi airport to Don Mueang airport

From Suvarnabhumi airport, you actually need to move to Suvarnabhumi transportation center first to take local bus to Don Mueang airport. From airport, you can take free shuttle bus to transportation center buses operates often about every 5 minutes, and takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach transportation center.

From 1st floor, either gate 3 or 8. let’s go out to outside then cross taxi waiting area.

Go straight and cross the road carefully to follow the sign of “shuttle bus”.

You will see the tent waiting area like below. Shuttle bus just arrived so hop on the bus. Bus has several route type. However all bus types eventually stops at Suvarnabhumi transportation center so you can take any shuttle bus whichever comes first.

Inside bus there are enough spaces, even for big baggage. These buses are used mostly for airport workers. Of course anybody even tourist can use for free.

Around 10 – 15 minutes bus led to Suvarnabhumi transportation center so all passengers need to get off here. Once you arrive, walk straight a bit and find the sign of Bus No. 554 or 555.

Bus No. 555

Inside of No. 555. Both 555 and 554 is air-conditioned but no baggage space is offered.

Front end seat is for monk priority, 55 that’s very Thai style.

Bus travelling route also on the display in English.

Once bus departed, conductor comes to collect fare. Bus fare to Don Mueang airport is 37 THB. Actually this is maximum fare so you can go to Future Part Rangsit or Rangsit bus depot, final destination with same fare, 37 THB.

Bus ticket

No. 555 operates quite long time from early morning to mid night.

Bus No. 554

Bus No. 554 stop is in the next at transportation center. You can take either one No. 554 or 555 which departs first. Trip time is around 60 minutes to 70 minutes based on my experience. Since road trip, it may take more time depends on traffic situation. In case your schedule is tight, you better use train instead.

Bus fare is 34 THB to Don Mueang airport

Inside bus No. 554 with clean leather seats and air conditioned.

On April 2023, I took No. 554 bus to Future Park Rangsit from Thai Airways catering service building inside Suvarnbahumi airport realm.

Bus goes on highway immediately after exiting from Airport then going down to general road near Fashion Island mall.

Normally we will be stuck in traffic in Ram intra road haha then move to north from Laksi IT square until Future Park Rangsit.

Please be careful No. 554 runs only on weekdays. On Saturday and Sunday, your choice will be No. 555 only.Ops, sorry I noticed No. 554 also runs on Sundays.

Unlike airport free shuttle bus, this local buses will not stop at Don Mueang airport inside but just pass by so please let bus conductor know that you want to take off at Don Mueang airport so that they will let you know.

Or be careful of your location, and push the button near exit door so that the bus leave you in front of Don Mueang airport. To go to airport, you will be in need to walk on overpass to cross the main road.

After Don Mueang airport, both buses will go pass by Future Park Rangsit and finally stop at Rangsit bus depot.

Local bus from Don Mueang airport to Suvarnabhumi airport

When you take local bus No. 554 or 555 from Don Mueang airport, you first need to go out from airport. After clearing immigration and custom check, please go out left then find Amari hotel sign.

Amari hotel sign.

Next to free shuttle bus service counter, there is door and stairs to overpass to Amari hotel so take Exit door in below picture then walk up.

Follow Bus sign to overpass.

On overpass, before entering Amari hotel, you will see the door to Bus stop (and taxi). Please open the door to go outside.

Walk down to the roadside and see small bus stop.

This is small bus stop where local buses passes by. Local buses normally will not stop otherwise you waive hands to appeal to bus driver that you are willing to take. Viabus apps GPS is available for bus No. 554 and 555. I recommend you download in advance so that you will be notified when bus is approaching.

For first timer without Viabus app, it maybe difficult to stop bus passes here especially at night time. In such case, you can walk 200m north to bigger bus stop where normally many people wait and buses usually stop so you do not need to do by yourself. Another bus stop is just next to Family Mart.

BIgger bus stop near Family Mart. All buses stops generally here.

5am in the morning at bus stop for No. 555.

Bus will finally stops at Suvarnabhumi transportation center after 1 hour. From transportation center, you can take free shuttle bus that leads to Suvarnabhumi airport.

Any shuttle buses go to Airport at last. Fastest one is Express. Better to avoid C bus that goes around and takes time.

OK! That’s all for the post today about local bus trip from 2 major airports in Bangkok between Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Mueang airport. I hope this post will help you to travel in Thailand conveniently and economically.

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