Jetts Fitness – Little Walk


Hello, everyone! Welcome back to “” Let’s see another gym in Pattaya for Jetts Fitness. This time, I came to Jetts Fitness – Little Walk branch. This gym is a lit far from major tourist branch in Pattaya so it does not lure the readers’ attraction but if you want to feel different Jetts Fitness, please refer to this article and try it.

Please note that Little walk branch has no power rack nor bench press. if needed, you can go to Jetts Fitness – Royal Garden Plaza.

Location of Jetts Fitness – Little Walk

How to go to gym

Gym is about 3 km away from central plaza so you can walk following on the below map as warm up. (Seriously) Please go to east side on Central Pattaya road then walk to noth on Sukhumvit road…. If you are rush to gym, you can take motor bike, estimated fare around 60THB. I saw some Song teaw is going on Central Pattaya road so you can ask driver if Song teaw is heading for Sukhumvit road.

Central Pattaya road near Soi Buakhao has many massage shops offer only 100THB for hour massage.

Traffic is heavy on Central Pattaya road but there is pedestrian road paved so no worry. besides I didn’t see stray dogs so it was safe to walk.

This mall looks closed.

Here you reach Sukhumvit road. Cross the other side then walk left.

Shining dolphins!

Little walk!

Entrance of Little Walk. you can find Villa market the back of Little walk so as to prepare for pre work out or water.

Jetts Fitness – Little Walk

Now completing warm up walk to the gym, you finally reach Jetts Fitness Little Walk. Gym is in the isolate 2 story building.

Jetts Fitness Little Walk branch!

Facility of Gym

Let’s go to the changing room first. Locker room is located at the back of reception area. right side is for male and left is for female

On first floor, left side you will see cables smith machine and free weight area.

Cable machine

Free weight space is quite small… they have leg press,, Supine press and dumbbells until 35kg. There is one 20kg barbell bar also so you can do deadlift with plates.

Straight bar

Right side on 1st floor offers cardio.

functional training area near cardio zone.

half tire under the stairs.

Way to the 2nd floor.

Some machine and group class room on the 2nd floor.

Group exercise room

post workout protein drink. 69THB

Going back to beach road at 9pm. be careful of darkness.

Ok that’s all for the introduction of Jetts Fitness – Little Walk branch. Since this branch is a bit far from the main touristic area in Pattaya, Most members coming are local Thai people, around 10 – 20 person comes on the Friday night work out.

Though they do not have power rack in the gym, they have other standard equipment so based on your need, you can try this gym. If you need power rack or love to kill the chest muscle, I highly recommend that you go to Royal Garden Plaza branch.

Thanks for your time to read this article! see you.