Access result 4 months after blogging started and my blog policy from now on


It has been already 4 months since I started to manage this blog “”. I will review current my blogging activity result so far then let me share my blogging policy from now on!

Blogging for 4 months

Started blogging on May 28th, 4 months from now on September 28th, total posts which I made were 52 articles mainly about my interest, of course, such as Thai life, travelling and fitness. This number 52 for 4 months (or 13 per month) is not that much as I planned but not bad as my new challenge, at least I could have time to make blog posts often to keep this site updated. I still have many things that I want to put down here so I will accelerate my posting frequency so that I can share my actual experience to readers as useful information.

Access view and profit from blogging

  • 1st month : 535
  • 2nd month : 83
  • 3rd month : 138
  • 4th month : 171

Total access view record is as above. First month, I announced my new lifework on my social media so I could lure attention somehow from my friends via SNS but following months, the number of viewers have been declined.

I actually expected more visitors, increasing month by month but in reality, it is as not easy as I dreamed at the beginning. To increase viewers to my page, I must make more articles so that the site can offer variety of information to catch attention from possible visitors and provide the solution or useful information to readers. Not only new posts but also old ones, I will review and revise to make posts easily understood by everyone.

Profitcomes after my page gets popularity more in my opinion so I do not putting effort that much at this time for making income from blogging. As you see in my blog, you will see ads on my pages, which is generated by google adSense, this is only way to get profit for my site. In the past 4 months, earned amount does not reach even 1 USD so far. I also plan to use affiliate but not now, since I want to focus more on making articles to enhance the blog site. My target for the 1st year of blogging, at least, I would like to make 4,000 THB (120 USD) which I paid for rental server to manage this site. For this, I will post article more and more to attract visitors to this site.

Short-term plan for my life

This year I made a resolution to join fitness competition as my challenge. I hired my personal trainer then making preparation but due to Covid 19 situation worsen, all competitions were postponed and still not sure when it will be held. I lost motivation because no competition and no gym is available since April. However, gym will be opened again from October so I will train hard and make body bigger. Once competition schedule is fixed I will adjust meal to reduce fat to join the event.

Fitness workout and competition is one of my lifework so it remains one main topic of this blog. I will continuously make posts about fitness so for readers. Gradually I will make posts about my progress towards to competition day and will report how it is going on.

Mid-term plan for my life

My plan around 3 – 5 years from now on, definitely I am no longer working in a company or any organization. To become financially independent, I am focusing on achieving FIRE before reaching age of 40’s. Saving my living cost as much as I can then invest my money for financial products such as insurance premium and mutual fund which can be also used for income tax saving in Thailand. I also expecting at the time of my early retirement, my blog is already grown up and gives me some amount of income to support my life.

Traveling is another topic of my blog, which I want to experience more in the life. So far I visited 50 countries in my life but I still have many places that I never visited of course. To feel new place, meet new people, have new experience, I will do travel as much as I can for my another life work. Hopefully, year of 2022 will be the new era for open travel after Covid spreading period. I will visit more new places and share the experience to you in this blog.


Since gym is reopened now, I will resume my preparation for next competition. I may not achieve good result at first time but I will do my best hard work to winning the game in near future. for this, I will do train hard in gym every day and keep good nutritious life as well.

Blogging is another thing that I want focus more in my life. I will do make posts more so that I can share the useful life and travel tips in Thailand to readers. Writing blog post is actually good motivation for me. To make clear statement for my resolution, I can be more encouraged and energized to make effort to achieve my goals in target period.