Living cost in Bangkok Apr, 2022


Good evening, everyone! As my regular post in this blog, I will make my expenditure summary for April, 2022 for my Bangkok life. This month, I had Songkran holiday for 9 days to go back to Japan for the first time in 2 years so my expense is quite higher than my average month which costs around 25,000 THB per month. Let’s take a look what I spent more!

Total Cost – 58,356 THB

Fitness                4,435
Travel              19,343
Food                4,516
Housing                7,600
Utilities                1,112
Others              21,350
Total              58,356

This month, I went back to Japan for Thai traditional holiday season so travelling cost is quite high compared to other month. and for other costs, I payed 11,000 THB for dental treatment, that is why is consists of major part of expense this month…

Fitness – 4,435 THB

Gym3,06714 months for 16,800THB, 1200THB/month
Personal training 2 times (800THB/session)
Gym in Japan 2 times 360 JPY/ time
Protein1,21050lbs (9kg) Whey protein pay for 10 months
Supplement158Creatine 1kg 1,108 THB for 7 months

Fitness cost is not so changed for this month. Since I went to public gym in Japan 2 times, this is additional for fitness cost.

Travel – 19,343 THB

Transportation           7,954Bus to Pattaya 130, 119 THB
Songteaw Pattaya 20 THB 2 times
Buriram one way airfare 1,109 THB
Buriram airport van 80 THB
Grab in Buriram 63 THB
British airways reward flight fee 3,630 THB
Alaska airways 1,185 THB
Train in Japan 1,681 THB (4,540 JPY)
Accommodation         11,389Tokyo one night 5,814 THB
Test&go package 5,200THB
Buriram one night 375 THB

In April, I had trip to Japan for one week, day trip to Pattaya and one night trip to Buriram to watch football game Asian Champions league matches for Japanese teams. Air ticket to japan is covered by reward ticket by British airways and Alaska airways so cost only for transaction fee and tax only.

To utilize my Hilton diamond status, I stayed at one Hilton hotel in Japan, Hilton Odaiba hotel with my friend, I will make review for my stay some day, lol. And at this moment, I had to book Test & go program which was required for all travelers to Thailand. Program included one night hotel stay, PCR test at arrival and ATK testing set for 5th day in Thailand.

Housing – 7,600 THB

This is regular cost only for one bed condo room in Bangkok.

Food – 4,516 THB

Food expense is smaller than usual month since most of meal and food was provided by my family during stay in Japan. 55.

Utility – 1,112 THB

Electricity             425( 110 kWh used)
Water               36(18/unit  2unit used)
Phone             32610Mbps Unlimited
Server             325for blog


Others – 21,350 THB

Credit card                 720Citi prestige card, M gen card
Laundry                   8040THB/time
Transportation                 924924 (Thai only)
Hair cut                 300one time
Clothes                 550Tank top 2 pcs
Books                 827827 THB in Japan
Entertainment               1,065Soccer ticket 626THB 2200JPY
Olympic museum ticket 139 THB
PCA event 200 THB
Souvenir               4,334Thai snack 582 THB
Thai beer 237 THB
Japanese Sake 879 THB *2
Snacks from Japan 868 THB
Amulet 889 THB
Medical              1,550PCR test 1,500 THB
Vaccine passport 50 THB
Dental            11,000Posting 3,000THB
Crown 9,000THB

Other costs was huge for this month, especially for my dental fee for root canal treatment, in Thailand, I already finished 4th time for this kind of treatment, it costs around 20,000 THB to complete one tooth… I am basically healthy thanks to regular exercise and good nutrition but my teeth are only weak point in my body.. I still do not understand why I do have problems a lot for teeth,, I will try to find ways to keep good teeth and follow doctors advice to brush after every 6 meal per day..

I bought souvenir a lot for my family in Japan and friends in Thailand, that is another major part for other costs. I normally do not buy anything for myself, just for other persons for token of appreciation.

OK! That’s all for my April cost. Since I spent too much this month, I will try to save more in next month to allot my money for mutual fund investment.