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Early morning train travel to Nakhon Sawan province

Another trip to Nakhon Sawan for gym workout on weekend. This time I chose train so that I can reach Nakhon Sawan. Tr...

Resumed long distance bus trip to Nakhon Sawan for weekend gym workout!

Welcome back to ""! From September 1st 2021, long distance bus operation was resumed so I tried another p...

2nd class air con train trip back to Bangkok from Buriram Sep 2021

After the gym work out, I headed for the train station to buy train ticket.. I actually got at loss many times on the wa...

3rd class non aircon train trip from Bangkok to Buriram

Hi, welcome back to "". This weekend I came to Buriram province for workout and watching opening game of ...

Escape lockdown in Bangkok again to work out in Khon Kaen, disrupted trip schedule by limited train operation

Hello, welcome back to "". Same as last week, I made weekend trip to Khon Kaen province by train 8 hours ...

Escape from Lockdown in Bangkok, travel to Khon Kaen province

Hello, welcome back to my blog. Last week, I managed to travel to Chiang Mai province for gym workout avoid lockdown in ...