Tasty Japanese style breakfast buffet for THB 390 at Hotel JAL City Bangkok


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On Tuesday, December 2023, I made a visit to Hotel JAL City Bangkok Hotel in Thong Lo area with my friend for breakfast buffet. Thong Lo is in the very center of Bangkok, well known for Japanese district where you can easily find many Japanese commercial store here especially for Japanese expats, business person and tourist. As a Japanese I would like to try one of Japanese style buffet as cheat meal, I chose JAL hotel buffet this time by referring to promotional articles in some blogs.

Mainly they offer Japanese menu in buffet but they have also choices for Thai and continental breakfast so I recommend this buffet for not only for those who are into Japanese food but also try local and international food as well.

S-SEN Japanese Breakfast Buffet

  • Price: 390THB (VAT incl.) per person
  • Hours: 5:30 – 10:30 on weekday and 6:00 – 10:30 on holidays
  • Place: S-SEN restaurant, 2nd floor of Hotel JAL City Bangkok

Access to Hotel JAL City Bangkok

Hotel JAL City Bangkok is located in Thong Lo, 5 minutes walk from BTS Thong Lo station to north side.

Hotel JAL City Bangkok | Convenient Hotel in Bangkok
The first overseas Hotel JAL City Bangkok is born in Bangkok!  Hotel JAL City Bangkok prides itself on its Japanese “Omotenashi” hospitality defined as impeccab...

Intersection of Thong Lo and Sukhumvit road

Walking to northern side 5 minutes.

You will soon reach hotel nikko bangkok, partner hotel of your destination. Please enter nikko hotel first then you can find JAL hotel at the back. This time, I came walk here at 5:30 am

After passing nikko hotel inside, you will come to Hotel JAL City Bangkok. As you might know, nikko is a shorten Japanese word for Japan Airlines which is also abbreviated into JAL.

Hotel entrance picture at noon time after buffet fight.

Christmas season came already to welcome to guests in a Christmas decoration.

Go straight to 2nd floor by elevator or small stairs to S-SEN restaurant.

At the reception desk of restaurant, please pay buffet fee first. Hotel guest just need to tell room number to enter buffet room. I paid via credit card.

Special promotion for Christmas events.

Fast WiFi service is also available.

Common space in front of restaurant.

5:50 am in the morning I arrived here. Entire buffet space is not so big, almost 40 chairs are available, I was here from 6:00 to 10:30. Peak time was around 9:00 but it didn’t get fully occupied, 80% full only. Weekend maybe crowded more, so in case, you better make reservation to secure seats.

Japanese TV NHK channel aired in the restaurant, young Japanese actor was making dishes with chef for long time, 55.

Outlet to charge mobile device on walls at some points.

Buffet menu

Drinks and bread

Let’s take a look at their food and drink offer one by one. Please be noted that menu is the day I came, and may be changed.

Cold water, orange and apple juice.

Strawberry and plain yogurt.

Coffee machine service by yourself for Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino and Cafe latte.

Broad view of coffee and bread corner.

Milk for corn flakes and coffee to dilute if you want. Teas with hot water.


3 choices hot breads; Croissant, chocolate danish and butter bread.

Fruits jam, peanut butter maple syrup and Nutella for bread. I actually tried Nutella paste first time here hehe, it was good hazel nuts mixed with chocolate.

White and whole wheat bread to reheat.

Hot meal

Next is the main area for breakfast buffet.

Nice to show one sample cutlery for  easy pick up. Chopsticks for Japanese style is packed separately.

Hot meal corner starts from Thai dish.

Thai Jasmine rice is stored in steamed condition.

Green spicy curry.

Mixed vegetables.

Radish and Simmered mackerel with miso was my favorite of the day, especially deeply flavored miso into radish. I came back to take radish later on all are gone already, 55.

Chicken thigh teriyaki, grilled salmon and tonkatsu for rice side dish. Normally I do not take thigh but this one is very chewy and tasty as well.

Vegetable curry for the day. Maybe they have several curry so offer day by day. Curry is one of popular household dishes for Japanese. I remember my mon cooks many times for curry as dinner. Don’t forget to put Fukujinzuke (flavored radish) on curry.

Thai style porridge.

Atsuyaki Tamago (Tamag roll), Hiyayakko (Tofu) and Ohitashi (Boiled spinach) for side dish. These are very common to have with rice in the morning, I also want foreigners to try to feel Japanese dishes.

Above is the ingredients for miso soup and lower ones are pickled vegetables. Well, Kimuchi is not Japanese one, hehe.

Miso soup and Japanese white rice is very complete for breakfast in Japanese. I like the rice here cooked hard.

Other side on hot meal table for typical American style breakfast menu. Sliced bacon first.

Pork sausage.

Baked potato and tomato.

This one for Chicken sausage.

Sliced ham.

Natto, Japanese favorite beans for rice. This Natto is not actually authentic one inside.

Here is the inside of Natto package. Soup size is a bit big so you better not to put all with Natto. And Wasabi is used for this Natto which I never see in Japan. Normally we use Karashi, yellow paste, Japanese mustard for Natto. I think They put Wasabi here because foreigners know Wasabi as Sushi.

By the way, Sushi is now well known as one of Japanese menu in the world but I don’t see it here today. It’s very normal for Japanese because Sushi is not so consumed as breakfast menu in Japan.

Salad and fruits

Salad ad its sauce, tuna also here. Recently I like dried food as they offer dried pineapples and apricot.

Chicken and pork bologna.

Seasonal Thai fruits, apple and orange.

Egg and noodle station

Boiled eggs served by guest.

You can also order egg menu to request to chef at egg station.

Pancakes for order.

Thai noodle station. Maybe ramen cannot be ordered, haha.

My buffet meal

This is my buffet set for the day. I enjoyed so much for Japanese food since I am not taking normally, watching Japanese program.

You cannot miss Japanese curry too here. I added to order omelette to make Omu-curry by myself. Radish with miso on the bowl left was the best one today.

I loved Nutella flavor well, I cannot take normally hehe.

Around 9:00 am was peak hour, around 70% full. Mostly, guests are Japanese, coming to Thailand for business.


Restroom is outside, next to reception of the restaurant.


Macaron gift for review

Before closing restaurant on 10:30, staff came to us to ask write a review on TripAdvisor then get snack box later. We of course accepted offer so made a review on the site.

Snack box gift can be obtained at the CURVE 55 cafe in hotel nikko by showing proof of review on the phone.

Ginger bread reminded me Christmas in the Philippines, hehe.

We can pick up one macaron as complements for breakfast review.


Ice cream all you can eat machine!!? 555.

Thai tea flavor for me.

Blueberry one for my friend.