Aeon Lounge at Future Park Rangsit

Credit card

One Sunday in Feb 2022, before I go to watch football game at Leo stadium, Pathum Thani province, I just dropped by at Future Park Rangsit to enjoy the lounge service of Aeon Lounge. Aeon Lounge is operated by Aeon Thana Sinsap company in Thailand. If you have eligible credit card of Aeon, you can use the  lounge for free.

What is Aeon Lounge?

Aeon lounge is the place where certain Aeon credit card holder can use to be relaxed and enjoy snacks, Wifi connection during shopping in the mall. As of January 2022, they have 11 locations in all over Thailand.

Click the location below to see other lounge service experience.

1. Central World2. Future Park Rangsit (this post)
3. Fashion Island4. Mega Bangna
5. Central Plaza West Gate6. Central Plaza Pinklao
7. Central Plaza Rayong8. Central Plaza Udon Thani
9. Central Plaza Khon Kaen10. Central Festival Hat Yai
11. Central Phuket Festival

*Just noticed that Central Plaza West Gate is no longer listed as of 19th July, 2022.

** I noticed that Central Plaza Rayong also not listed as of Sep 2023 on official page.

***From Sep 2023, you have to have spending via applicable credit card in previous month to use the lounge.

Applicable credit card to use service

Below is the list of credit card that will allow you to access to the lounge area. You also need to show ID such as Passport, Driver’s license etc to enter the lounge.

  • AEON Royal Orchid Plus World MasterCard
  • AEON Royal Orchid Plus Platinum Card
  • AEON Gold Card
  • VISA Olympic Themed Card Issued by AEON
  • AEON J-Premier Platinum Card
  • AEON Union Pay Platinum Card

I have Aeon Gold card which is annual fee free for life so I recommend readers get one of them to enjoy various benefit not only access to lounge service but also have discount coupon for cafe Amazon, McDonald’s, Shoppe, Maxvalue etc. You can refer to below link to know full details of benefit of Aeon card.

AEON Gold Card - Credit Card | AEON Thana Sinsap
Special Apply online today Waive annual fee for card period and  Get Premium offer Maximum 6,390 THB.*

Guide for use

  • Primary cardholders may use AEON Lounge no more than 4 times/month and no more than 1.5 hours
  • Supplementary cardholders may use AEON Lounge no more than 2 times/month and no more than 1.5 hours (90 minutes) each time.
  • Cardholders may bring up to 1 guest or 2 children under 100cm each time.
  • Be watchful of your child or children, so other members using the AEON Lounge will not be disturbed
  • Not using your mobile phones and keep the noise level down, so other members will not be disturbed
  • Food and drinks from outside is prohibited in the Lounge premise, and the complimentary refreshments provided in the Lounge can be enjoyed within the premise only.

How to go to Aeon lounge at Future Park Rangsit

At Future Park Rangsit, Aeon lounge is located at second floor, surrounded by other banks and Phone network companies as well. Lounge is just in front of central department so you can go find Central department first to reach the lounge.

By the way, Future Park Rangsit is at Phatum Thani province. If you are coming from Bangkok area, I recommend that you take bus from Victory monument or Newly opened red line train also can go near the mall. However, train station is a bit far from the mall so you need to take a bus, Songteaw or motorbike to the mall. from the station Bus No. 29, 510 and 538 will go to the Future Park from Victory monument.

If you prefer to come by train, you can also read below post.

Soft opening: SRT Redline from Taling Chan to Rangsit

Aeon Lounge at Future Park Rangsit

As mentioned, lounge is at 2nd floor, surrounded by other local banks and cell phone companies dtac and SAMSUNG.

Aeon Thana sinsap, Future Park branch is next to SAMSUNG store and in front of Central department.

Entrance of AEON Thana Sinsap branch.

Showing the ID card to counter staff, you are allowed to enter the lounge area.

Overview of entire lounge space. 4 small tables and one large size sofa is available for seating. Luckily this time there were no other guests.

Aeon Thana shisap is supported by Japanese company Aeon, which runs various businesses in Japan so they features Japanese stuff inside lounge area.

Below is food box called “Juubako” used for feast especially contains fancy food for new year celebration. In traditional way, mother will make new year food “Osechi” that family can consume for several days of new year so that mother also can take rest not making food during this celebration time.

This is “Donabe”, a pot made with clay to be used to cook hot meal with soup during winder time mostly.

Soon after entering lounge area, bank staff brought small drinking water and snack set as below.

This tea is not so sweet unlike other Thai branded cold tea so I liked it.

It seems there was some food, drinks offered by lounge before Covid-19 era as in the picture below. To prevent to share tong or fridge door touched by several persons, food is now provided per box to each one not buffet style.

In lounge area, same as other Aeon lounges, they air TV program “Sugoi Japan” that introduces the culture and the place of Japan.

Future Park Rangsit is quite large shopping mall. Having Aeon credit card allows you to get relaxed during long shopping time. When you have a chance to visit, please try this lounge!

Visit on Oct 2022

Thanks to Covid restriction lifted, coffee maker was reinstalled at lounge for you to have hot coffee and tea by yourself.

Visit on Mar 2023

Snacks offered recently. Charging port can be found on the floor.

Visit on April 2023

Staff told me that no water available on the day, hehe.

Just noticed that USB and charging port is installed under armrest of sofa.

Visit on Oct 2023

I came back to Aeon lounge again before going to football match in Thammasart University then found that Bank space including lounge area operation becomes smaller.

Only 6 chairs and 3 tables. Mo more sofa inside lounge.

See ya.